Ever Wonder Why?


Ever wonder why all the sub-culture kids here in Malaysia are mostly Malays?
Ever wonder why most barbers here in Malaysia are Indians?
Ever wonder why the Chinese are good at Basketball?
Ever wonder why there is a London Phone Booth in Kuale?
Ever wonder why the 'Rock Kapak' is called 'Rock Kapak'?
Ever wonder why all of the 'orang tua-tua' sayings are mostly true?
Ever wonder why your parents gave you your name?

If you have the answers for the questions above, please kindly tell me.

Pesta Bola Merdeka


Tadi aku baru je habis tengok Pesta Bola Merdeka ( sewaktu teman-teman ku yang lain sedang menonton EPL) dimana Malaysia kalah penalty dengan Vietnam 6-5. Aku sebagai peminat bola sepak serta pengkritik wannabe ingin memberi sedikit kritikan tentang game hari ni.

First of all, aku tengok dua-dua belah pihak tidak mempunyai semangat junag yang cukup. Secondly, aku tengok dua-dua team cam penat giler mase extra-time tu. Ini nama nya kurang stamina la.

Ok, pastu time penalty lak, keeper Malaysia memang x hebat kalau nak dibandingkan dengan keeper Vietnam la. Pastu dari segi pemilihan kickers penalty Malaysia itu sendiri. Yang dua first tu okey la diorang memang ada finishing. But after 2 orang tu, Malaysia bagi defender sepak. Memang tak la. Kita sume tau yang forward & midfilders selalu nya ada finishing yang lebih baik dari defender.

Tapi overall, peningkatan buat squad Malaysia. Cuma slack taktik sket je. Takpa-takpa tahun depan kita cuba lagi nah?

Pop Punkish


I used to really enjoy listening to this one local pop punk band called Bunkface. It has always fed my needs of pop punkish song. I remember when i bought their first EP at Supernova a few months back. It was awesome! Full of fun-loving and catchy lyrics.

But sadly now due to their meteoric fame, every time I enter my dorm I will hear Sam's voice in the speaker singing the verse "Give me a B, U, N, K FACE now!" At first I was like okla. " Aku suke band nie, so layan je la skali".

After a few weeks my point of layanness came to its par when a fella at my dorm kept playing the song over and over again! I was like " Tak boring ke asyik dgr lagu same je, nak dengar ulang-ulang pakai earphone la". This has made me very very 'muak' listening to Bunkface.

Tisk tisk...
Another fav band lost.

P/s: Sape-sape terase sorry la ek. Tapi masalah nye betul.

Diagnostics Exam (Full-Time)


Phew! After two weeks of cramming my brain with notes, facts, formula, and equation the diagnostics exam (or what you people would call it your final exam) is finally over!

Here is the the feedback of the papers that I have done:

Physics: Matila Aku!
Bahasa Malaysia: Boleh la.
Biology: Very Hard.
English: Boleh Tahan Senang.
Chemistry: Surprisingly Boleh Blah.
History: Challenging But Boleh Buat.
Maths: Okla.
Add Maths: My God!
Pendidikan Islam: Awesome!

There it is folks!
Hope the results will be good.
Till then, time for some serious huhahuhaing.

Diagnostic Exam (half-time)


The diognostic exam (or what you poeple would call your final exam) kicked off on tuesday morning and would be expected to finish on friday next week.

Here are how it is so far:

Half-time results:

Physics: Matila aku!
Bahasa Malaysia: Boleh la.
Biology: Very hard.
English: Senang gak la.

Well, another week to go folks.
Wish me luck.

Ohh exam...


Exam sudah dekat!
Koleq mag tak siap lagi!
Fizik tak habis bace lagi!
Sejarah ade bab yang tak bace lagi!
Macam mane nak buat log?!
Golgi apparatus tu bende ape?!

P/s: please ignore me for a while, I have tonnes of things to do right now.

Coming soon!


Nak tengok nanti!



It all started on a fine friday morning (I think la) when Fendi came ape to me and said:

F: Malam ni ade meeting tau, aku nk past the baton dkt korang.
A: Ok. Tapi kenape?
F: Kitorang nak exam dah ni, lagipon korang memang suke what kerja kan.

So that night me, Feqs & Aiman when to the editroom for the meeting. Then came Uncle & Pia. They were the new recruit that gona help in the making of the mag. So the meeting took place.
The aftermath of the meeting was that we the form4 will now be fully in charge of the magazine and I would be in charge of them. So after getting instruction from the form5 we began making 'their magazine'.

The first problem that occurred was that both Uncle & Pia cannot understand what Heri had told them to do (Heri bermumble-mumble semase memberi tunjuk ajar).  After that was settle we were completely shocked by the state of the draft. There were just a few pictures & the layout.
We where like what the hell?!! So we continue on doing their job for them. We met some more problems around the road such as Teachers that doesn't want to take pictures, clubs that doesn't send their report and stuff like that.

Overall, I think this experience thought me something: START EARLY NEXT YEAR!