Push it out fake a smile avert disaster just in time.


It was around 7-ish in the afternoon when I heard someone shout, "Yeaaaa aku tak kena PLKN!!!" Then Muqtasid came to me and said, "Amer! Jom check PLKN doh dah keluar nama sial" So me and Muqtasid pon check la. While waiting for the result me and Chamakh decided to lepak outside the dorm for a while. A couple of minutes after that suddenly my phone vibrated. So this is it I told myself. This is what the massage says:

RM0.20 PLKN:
(NO IC Aku)
terpilih menyertai
PLKN Siri7/2010

So thats it. I am going to be bald after the SPM. Great just great.



In a far far away land there live a guy name Thomas. Thomas was very talented in magic. In his village there was only two people who can do magic which is Thomas and another guy by the name of Travis. But neither of them ever do magic together.

One day, while Thomas was busy sorting out his magic book, he heard a knock on his door. So he quickly rush to the door to find his friend Mark. So he invites Mark inside and they chill for a bit.Mark told him that he was really interested in Magic and asks Thomas whether he could learn magic from him. Thomas was delighted to do so. Finally he has someone to do magic with him!

So Thomas taught Mark everything he knows about magic. Mark was a very quick learner and before he knows it he has manage to master the art of magic. Thomas was very delighted. He and Mark had a lot of fun time together doing magic. Everyday Mark would come by to Thomas' house where they will do magic together.

But days turn to weeks and then turn to months. Mark suddenly stops visiting Thomas. Thomas was very sad because his magic buddy never came by for a visit. Now Thomas has to do magic by himself again.

One day, while passing in front of Travis' house. He suddenly heard Mark's laughter. That is when he saw Travis and Mark having a great time doing magic together. Thomas was very sad that Mark has found someone else to do magic with him.

After that day Thomas can never do the same level of magic as he used to.

The End

Release tension



Shoop shoop, shoop de lang - a - lang


Today I made a new friend.

Meet Mr iMac guys!

He is going to make the school mag for me.


Darnit there goes another one


Oh I am mad with you! Yes you Mr Cristiano Ronaldo sir for turning your back on us United faithfuls. What is so fun there at Real Madrid there you are willing to give up on everything you have at United? The crowds at Old Trafford adores you man! The EPL is the best league in the world! Why would you want to downgrade yourself by playing at a lower standart league? United made you into the player that you are know. Screw you man! Pergilah nak main sangat dengan Kaka tu. I hope your time there will be fill with injuries.

P/s: Ignore me for a while. I am in a state of shock and despair right now.



Angels and Airwaves are releasing their own movie!
How cool is that?
A movie made by awesome rockers!

Get Your Own


Please watch the video first before you continue reading. (please ignore the stupid ads)

Okay I am not promoting and iPhone in my blog today. The video just reminds me of Koleq. You see back when I used to have my own guitar some of my friends would occasionally come up to me and asked me to lend my guitar to them. Being the nice guy that I was I would usually give it to them occasionally with the syarat that they play it in my dorm and put it back where it belongs. But sometimes, these guys would take my guitar to other places such as their dorms and after they were done playing they would either just leave it there or past it to someone else who in turn would also past to another guy and so on. So I when I asked the first guy where is my guitar he whould say "Oh aku bagi dekat (please insert a name here)". So I would spend a lot of my time going to one dorm to another to get my guitar back. Which is lebih kurang macam video dekat atas ni la. The same situation which would eventually be the end of my guitar.
The same thing happens with my friends who owns an iPod. Their iPod would occasionally be past around from one hand to another and their owners would have to spend less time listening to their iPod and more time keeping track of those little wonderful gadgets. I am not saying you cannot borrow other people's stuff but please nak pinjam tu buat la cara elok-elok. Kalau dia dah kata letak balik dekat tempat dia letak la balik. Kalau dia kata jangan pass dekat orang lain jangan la. Cuba kalau benda tu hilang. Boleh buat gaduh kot. Kalau nak passing-passing dekat orang lain beli sendiri.



A: Wei semalam kawan aku ada tanya pasal kau.
H: Tanya pasal aku?
A: A'ah.
H: Sape dia?
A: Adele.
H: Sape dia cakap la.
A: Adele.
H: Cakap la! Apa name dia?
A: Name dia Adele.
H: Oh.
A: Yep.


Here is another video for you guys to enjoy while I find something to write on.

Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure (Acoustic)

P/s: Kawan-kawan aku sume dah besar la skarang hahahahahah.

Guitar Kapok


I currently have no idea on what to write. Anyone please give me one!

So, I decide to share my music taste with you guys again!

Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man

Azmyl Yunor - Anak Dara

Well enjoy!