So what!


pal     : Amer meet xxx.
me : Hi!
xxx  : Hello. You duduk mane?
me : I duduk Rawang.
xxx  : Oh (in somewhat disappointed tone)

This conversation took place about sometime ago. I will usually get that "oh" when meeting new people. But the question is what is wrong with living in Rawang?! Come on tell me! Sure it might be far away from those oh so big malls near your houses but at least the road in front of my house isn't some big road that usually jam every peak hours! Besides it is my house not yours! Plus, there is a KTM station here unlike some of your place where the only way of transportation is by bus or a cab! Where you live does not make you 'best' than other people! Do you here me! So please people, do not say oh went you ask others where they live.



This is a story about how I came to play the guitar and how I came to stop playing it (temporarily I hope). Well it started when I bought my humble guitar kapok circa early 2006 I think. Back then I did not even know any chords at all. So my brother printed a list of chords for me to learn which I tried to do which I eventually got bored (malasnya aku ni). 

Then in to 2007 Haziq came up to me and asked me if I wanted to learn to play the guitar with the form 5. So I said yeah sure. So i started to play again with some success. I learn a lot from those guys. Oh yeah we even got to play in the school concert which was really rad! I even took crash course classes during the school holidays from Mr Bong.

Then came this year 2008. My minat towards playing the guitar drops a little due to my envy towards my other friends who were simply too talented and better than me. So being the pemalas that I am my progress was really slow. Then came that unfortunate night went my guitar was confiscated by the warden. Tisk tisk since than I became more malas to play the guitar.

I think if were a little bit rajin I might just end up as good as this guys! (yeah right)

 Tom Delonge of Angels And Airwaves

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys

A smack on the head


After some mindless hours of surfing the Internet last night I suddenly got a myspace comment from Weng. Apparently Weng somehow manage to get the results of everyone. So he told me mine.It was like a smack on the head for my meteoric educational career. I would considered it to be bad but it could get worst. Luckily for me I got to be in 5 Sc 2 next year (insyaallah). So I will be in the company  of smart people again haha!

Ok since next year is SPM year I think I need to hit the books and focus a hell lot more in class since this year I have been playing a bit in class (just a bit) and busy doing other stuff. Oh yeah! I also really need to improve my karangan since Mr Azmi always said that my karangan is like karangan F3 (between you and me, I think he hates me hahahahahah).

Until later folks!
Now where is that darn physics book.



I think my curse is real. For those of you who do not know, I have a curse when every time I watched Manchester United play they will end up losing or just manage a draw. Lets take some examples to prove my theories. Last week, Man utd versus Stoke City a game which I could not watch because I had to go back to Kelantan for my Aunty's weeding. In this game Man utd manage to beat Stoke with a marvelous 5 - nil victory with Ronaldo scoring two on free kicks.

Ok fast forward to today morning, I got to watch Man utd playing against Aston Villa. Aston Villa managed to stop everything that was thrown by Ronaldo and his pals. Both Rooney and Teves who were berat and karat respectively could not even scare the Villa keeper thanks to their solid defence. And the absence of some of United's midfielders made it hard for them to control the game. Luckly, Ferdinand and Vidic were in great form and were able to hold off the pacey Agbonlahor. The match ended nil - nil.

Why oh why did this thing happen to me? Argh!

Meet The Changcuters!


Check out this really cool band from Indonesia!

The Changcuters - I Love U, Bibeh

Biar kata nenek sihir
Bagiku kau Britney Spears
I love you., Bibeh

Biar kata mirip buaya
Bagiku Luna Maya
I love you., Bibeh

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... untukmu... 

Biar kata kau musibah
Bagiku kau anugrah
I love you., Bibeh

Biar orang berkata apa
Bagiku kau segalanya
I love you., Bibeh

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... untukmu... 

I love you., Bibeh
I love you., Bibeh
I love you., Bibeh

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... 

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... untukmu...

Huhahuha one


Today I went out with Feqs to survey the prices of second-hand D40 which he was been dying to own. Feqs who has been saving money and selling some of his worldly possessions manage to save up to RM900+ was very excited and can't stop jabbering on what his going to do when he owns the DSLR.

I met him at KLCC after a surprisingly smooth journey on the komuter. After he said goodbye to his girlfriend, we were off to Plaza Pudu. Since both of us had never been to Plaza Pudu before I had asked my brother to draw us a map. So we followed the map. Halfway thru our journey it started to rain a little bit. Being the carefree guys that we were, we continue walking regardless of the rain.

After sometime walking and trying to avoid the rain we finally arive at Plaza Pudu. We asked all the camera shop there if they have any second-hand D40 in stock but unfortunately non of the store there have them. But there was this one shop which sold other second-hand nikon. Its called YL something. So we strolled around some more and I found this one shop that sell Fuji Sensia Slide Film! Just what I have been looking for. So I bought one roll since money is hard to come by this days.

Outside the rain still haven't stopped. So we loitered around some more until the rain starts to stop. So we continue walking back. This is when Feqs suddenly spotted a camera shop across the street. So we crossed the road after many near misses of getting water puddle sprayed on us by passing cars. To our luck they have one of those babys in stock. It was still in good condition and the price offered was also not bad la. So we got out after Feqs promised to come back again tomorrow with the cash. There was an extra spring in his steps on our way back.

So after that we had lunch/tea and both of us went back to our houses after a very very tired day. I got home on the usual packed komuter as always. Fuhh!

Zaman Dahulu Kala


Setelah mendengar kisah happy dan sedih budak-budak yang amek result UPSR tahun ni, Aku teringat la mase aku amek result gak dulu.

Aku pegi skolah pinjam handphone mak aku(zaman-zaman xde fon dulu). Mcm biase lepak, lari-lari, kacau orang, kene kacau balik. Pastu dah dkt nk tgh hari mcm tu cikgu kelas aku, Cikgu Halim kot, panggil kitorang sume masuk dalam lab(nape die pilih lab pon aku x tau). So die pon start bace satu-satu nama. Sorang-sorang dapat result. Aku pon tunggu lama gak la sampai nama aku kene panggil. Pastu nama aku pon kene la panggil. 5A fuhh lega! Time tu Cikgu Sharifah ada skali dalam lab. Die tengah senyum-senyum.

So aku pon bagitau la Mak aku. Hurahuray! Pastu dua tiga empat lima hari lepas tu aku pegi rumah Fizy. Saja lepak-lepak sambil bermain Fifa 2004 dengan die. Tiba-tiba Fizy bagitau dekat aku yg dia ada pegi rumah sorang member aku lagi satu ni and mak member aku ni ada tanya sapa yang dapat 5A. So die pon bagi la tau. Fizy cakap aku dpat 5A and pastu mak member aku ni ckp,

Amir Arif dpat lima A? Tak sangka Aunty!

Aku dengar fizy cerita benda tu dekat aku rase macam gila la. Selama ni aku ingat kau baik. Rupanya dia ingat aku bengap, x pandai. Aku tau la aku x sehebat cam anak dia. X penah dapat no 1 pon tapi xyah la hina aku sampai macam tu.

Gila la bila teringat balik.

Dance to Joy Division


I was bored so I decided to share a video with you guys!

Joy Division-Transmission

Radio, live transmission.
Radio, live transmission.

Listen to the silence, let it ring on.
Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun.
We would have a fine time living in the night,
Left to blind destruction,
Waiting for our sight.

And we would go on as though nothing was wrong.
And hide from these days we remained all alone.
Staying in the same place, just staying out the time.
Touching from a distance,
Further all the time.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.

Well I could call out when the going gets tough.
The things that we've learnt are no longer enough.
No language, just sound, that's all we need know, to synchronise
love to the beat of the show.

And we could dance.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.

School Pics 08


4 Science 1


Sulaiman House

U-16 Hockey



I have a problem. Like most teenage boys I have a favourite football team. Mine would be Manchester United. But the problem is I sort of have this curse where everytime I watched the Red Devils game they would either lose or just to scrap a draw. This curse started last season if  I am not mistaken. 

Lets take last Saturday for example, Man Utd vs Arsenal. The Red Devils were the favourite team to win considering Arsenal's long list of injuries. So me and a couple of my buddies (who all support Arse Wenger's team) sneaked out from the hostel to watch the game. Before we arrive at the mamak restaurant Barbatov manage to put the ball into the net but unfortunately he was offside which is a very good sign. A couple of minutes after I arrived at the mamak Samir Nasri scored the opening goal. He scored another one during second-half.

With another 20 minutes left suddenly the owner of the shop told us that he wanted to close the restaurant. So we got out and went to a nearby cc. After about 10 minutes at the cc suddenly a friend told me that United manage to score a goal thru substitute Rafael Da Silva (Aku belah baru nak score kan).

So, I am going to try my luck again to see if this curse is really true went United face second division outfit QPR. If they lose again I maybe have to mandi bunga or something. haha.

I don't like you!


I have a teacher by the name of Ms Shafaliza. I really really don't like her.

There are a reasons why I don't like her.

I'll give you some situations why I don't like her.

Situation 1

I was part of the committee for the MC Youth Development Summit thingy. Me and Feqs were assign to make the programme book. Which we gladly did. She was the boss for the summit thingy. So we made the programme book and took it to her one night (p/s we did it during our exam week). Guess what she did. She rejected it for mistakes not made by us like the putting the wrong timetable (we receive the timetable from her) and the wrong text (we also receive the text from her). It was 1.30 am when she told us to do it all over again and pass it up to her before we got back home the next day. What the hell! We got exams in the morning! So we stayed up very late (about 3ish in the morning). So after we finish our paper we quickly started our work. So Feqs straight went to the HM to show him the programme book since I was on my way back home then. The HM said it was okey and everything was fine. So after the school holidays we came back to koleq and we were told that the programme book was once again rejected by Shafaliza! We were very mad! Who was she to reject something that was approve by the HM!

Situation 2

It was the fiinal exam week. We were once again call on to make yet another programme book.
She does not even care if we had physics the day after that. While making the cover for the programme book she kept complaining about our design and insisted on using her ideas which is very 'cokia' for me and really not up to koleq's standard. So mak and abah if my physics is not that good it is not entirely my fault.

Situation 3

I finally have work without her. Which is the school's mag. Suddenly she came along and say she said she was in charge of the magazine's launching ceremony. I was very frustated. On the first meeting she rejected my idea and gave yet another one of her 'cokia' ideas. Okey la fine. Then she said she wanted to check the grammer on the mag. Turns out some of the grammer that she corrected were wrong! (and you called yourself an english teacher) So the ceremony went on. I can see the look of dissapointment on Tan Sri Megat's face went he launch the mag. He was clearly expecting something more grand from the budak koleq. Thaks a lot Shafaliza! Oh! almost forgot, the day after the ceremony Teacher Linda came to us and told us that someone has 'hasut' the HM by telling him that the mag is getting smaller and smaller each year. We found out that the 'penghasut' is non other than Shafaliza! Well for you info Shafaliza, this year mag isn't getting smaller but bigger! Haha kan dah segan!

Well those are some reasons why I dislike her.
I know it is wrong to hate a teacher but try working with her and you will see what I mean.

Free Love!


Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Tapi x boleh sbb x balik lagi.

Mighty Ducks Cup 2008


Yesterday I went to Manjong for the Mighty Ducks Cup (its a close hockey tournament for Budak Koleq organise by the old boys). We arrive at Manjong at about 9.00 am after a half an hour of riding the bus thru one of the most bumpy road that I have come across.After a short briefing by Abg Raf we had our breakfast. The old boys treated us with nasi lemak for breakfast and I thought to myself, "Gile sial makan nasi lemak! Nanti sure tak larat nak lari ni."

After breakfast we had the team photo shoot. My team consist of me, Holland(Captain of the u-16 team), O'oi(budak baru form 3), Syahmi(the Backbone of the form 2 team), Ashraf(x penah tengok turun training pon), and a form one name Tuan. Our first match was up against Asyif and Kwang's team. I played midfield during the first game but I was like kong gile (ni sume salah nasi lemak la ni) so I wasrn't able to support Holland all the time And our defence was unreliable because there was no one to conduct the line. So we lost 2-nil to them.

Our next game was against Maram and Farid's team which are considered one of the favourite in the tournament. So we were very nervous. I played as the leftback during this match and the defence manage to hold off everything they throw at us. We won 1-nil thanks to Holland.

Our third game was with Naim and Muizz's team. We were very confident to win this match. But the agility of Naim was way to much for our defence. We lost 2-1. Up to this point Holland was very frustrated.

The next game was boleh tahan senang la. We were up against Mate and Aiman's team. The offence were really good creating a lot of chances and the defence manage to stop all the other team's attempt.

After that we had our break. The old boy bought Kentuck for everyone and we were like, "What the hell? Bagi makan sedap-sedap ni pastu nak suruh orang lari-lari lak lepas tu." So we finally decide this was a conspiracy by the old boys to weaken us before they played us at the end of the tournament nanti.

Our last game was with Arip and Mungay's team. They prove to be better tha us in every aspects. Sadly we lost 3-1.

The result of the whole tournament was:

1st place: Asyif & Kwang's team
2nd place: Arip & Mungay's team
3rd place: Maram & Farid's team
4th place: Me & Holland's team
5th place: Naim & Muizz's team
Last place: Mate & Aiman's team

After the tournament we receives cool tees from the old boys and took some photos and we were of back to school. Wish I could join again next year.