Encik Sloooooope!



Dah tua dah.
Thanks for being an awesome friend.
Thanks for listening to all my problems.
Thanks for all the stuff that you taught me.
Thanks for influencing some of my music taste.
Thanks for being you.
Should have been friends with you sooner.
Nanti kalau aku ada duit lebih aku belanja kau film satu roll.

p/s: Dian jaga dia elok-elok! Kasi tough sket! hahahahah

A day late, A buck short


Once upon a time there life a boy name Dolah. One day, Dolah receives a parcel. Inside the box contains a pink ball with red polka dots all over it. His friends would laugh at him everytime he played with the ball because of it's weird colour. But he doesn't care at least he is having fun. What his friends doesn't know is that the ball is extra bouncy which makes it really really fun to play with. Seing Dolah having such a good time with the ball, all of his friends suddenly decided that they too want to own one of the ball.


Ochin Balik!


Ochin please comeback home!
If you comeback I will tell Mak tu serve you with a big grilled fish!

Trade all your heroes in for ghost


Sometime after school in the teacher's room.

A: Erm cikgu, cikgu ada cd software Adobe tak? Sebab hari tu mac tu saya format balik hilang habis sume.

SH: ........

A: Ada tak cikgu?


A: Cikgu?

SH: Ha apa?

A couple of minutes after that.

F: Cikgu, cikgu tau tak mana Cikgu NH?

SH: .........

F: Cikgu?

SH: ........ (and walks away)

I think someone needs a new battery