21st December 2012



Last Wednesday Kimal gave a "Good to Talk" speech on Doomsday. He said that according to the Mayan Calender doomsday would happen on the 21st December of 2012. So being the wikipedia nerd that I am I decided to check on this so called end of the world prediction.

According to the Mayan Astronomers on that date there would be a rare star arrangement that would make us go on a physical and spiritual change which some Mayan Researchers translates as the Apocalypse. Some scientist have also said that the period of climate stablity in earth have also coming to an end which will result in drastic climate change that would not be suitable with us. On other front, solar physicist also predicted that a massive sunspot explosion will occur in either 2011 or 2012 which will produce solar flares that would be powerful enough to cause a lot of damage to earth. Oh almost forgot, I also checked the calender and do you know what 21st December 2012 is on a Friday!!!! Gulp.

Jeng jeng jeng. There are still way to many stuff that I haven't done and see!



Just when i was about to let myself free and get out.
They pull me back in.

Excuse me up there. Hey have you guys been in these situation?

T: Amir, what is the meaning of monomer?
A: Erm.... erm.....
T: Tau ke tak?
A: Tak.
T: Lain kali cakap awal-awal takde la bazir masa.

Another day, another time with the same teacher.

T: Amir, in which family does the carboxylic acid is located?
A: Tak tau cikgu.
T: Eh boleh dia cakap macam tu? Usaha la sikit cari dulu jawapan!
A: Hmm.

Okey seriously what does she want me to answer? Grr.




The above word currently describe how i feel.



Ehem ehem,
I lost, 
Good luck to the other guy in handling all the MCSU stuff.

To everyone that voted for me thanks for the support!
We tried our best.

Of future letter and school politics


Got my F5's future letter a couple of day ago. For those of you who don't know we wrote two letters when we were in F1. One for our self when we were in F3 and one for when we were in F5. The letter contains hopes and aims that we set when we were in F1. It saddens me to say that I got 5 things on my list that I didn't manage to complete. Haih the younger me would surely be disappointed with my current self.

On a brighter side of things, this year I'll be competing in the MCSU election (again)! I'm gunning for the treasurer post this year which I hope I can win despite the strong competition I have with Shuhaib. Last night, me, Aup, Epool and Bino went to the Form 1 classes to promote ourself and I was quite please with the fact that a lot of them seem to know who I am! hahaha

So, why don't all of you go and sembahyang hajat for me. hahaha

Hiatus no more!


"At the 51st anual Grammy Award ceremony on February 8, 2009, all three members of the band appeared onstage for the first time since their breakup. Barker announced the band's reformation stating, "We used to play music together, and we decided we're going to play music together again" with Hoppus adding "Blink-182 is back!" A message appearing on the band's website the same day confirmed the reformation and added that the band are in the studio writing and recording a new album and preparing to tour again."


Someone pinch me I must be dreaming!
Even yet pour a bucket of water on my head!



Oh how I wish Ustaz Latib's rotan would burst into flames.
Maybe that would stop him from causing all those irritating noise on those beautiful morning.


All the clock in his house would suddenly stop working.
Maybe that would make him come late for a change.



In the midst of chaos all you did was sit back and relax while indulging that very tasty cup of coffee.
And you call yourself a leader?
Shame on you, shame on you.....

The Mischievous Chapang


(gamba cover telinga)

Mr Adi Adzfar.
Happy 17th birthday.
Thanks for being a good friend.
If nak kena telur & tepung suruh Epool blanja eh?
Kalau aku ada duit lebih aku blanja kau film satu.
Amigos Para Siempre!

Going off again


February is here! Which means that I have to go back to school again. Thanks to everyone who has spend time with me this school break Fizy, Raja, Izaat, Feqs n Aleya, Feqs again, Haziq n Dina, Feqs Again, Dian, Epool and Chumi really appreciate it. Need to be more serious now. No more funny stuff in class (I hope). Need to try and listen to the teacher!

Until later folks maybe when I can get an Internet connection there.