Okey since a lot of people have keep asking me when to blog again so here goes. Today I would like to talk about names. My name to be more precise. My name is Amir 'Arif bin Azmi. Thats Amir with an "I" but I like to spell it as Amer with an "E" just for fun. My family would call me Arif while friends call me Amer. There are some who call me Meng, Mengue and Barif. I don't like it when people call me Amer Arif unless you're my teacher because it gives the sense of kau tak rapat dengan aku because you have to use both of my names ( is it just me or do you guys feel the same too? ) oh and I really don't like it when people call me Merep. It sounds funny and besides Amer is waaay easier to pronounce ( well for me la hahah). Oh and I really get pissed of when someone misspells my name. e.g. Amir Ariff. When in formal letters, forms or certs, I hate it when they forgot my apostrophe ( ' ) come on it's formal put it there la! I also find it weird when someday when I'm all grow up and i have children they will be bin Amir 'Arif. Why? Because my name sounds like a teenager's name! ( come on I know you guys must have thought about this too ). Hahaha so thats it for me. Till later folks.

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