Ape beza aku dan kau?


Today I, Amir 'Arif Bin Azmi would like to be a wannabe film critic.

Okey so I have just finished watching Gadoh which was directed by Brenda Danker and Namron. It basically tells the story of the conflict between races and the inability of teachers to understand what the students really want and so on.

The actors were by far better actors then the ones from Kami and Zahiril Adzim once again was top notch playing the leader of the problematic malay boys. There is no pelakon kadboard here like that Ali dude.

The character that i find all to familiar is probably Mr Chua the principle who glorifies personal glory, never listens to anyone else and always ready to jump to conclusion. Who you might ask? Do your own math. Oh oh and the character who was suppose to play Dato' Alimuddin (or is it Tan Sri now?) was not close to the man the my seniors told me about.

You can watch the film by pressing here, here and also here.

So tunggu ape lagi! Pegi tengok lekah!

I'm the epitome of Public Enemy


My teeth are free from braces.

But the braces are replaced by the not so very comfortable retainers.

The Koleq Mag lacks funds.

Anyone interested to help can contact me through phone, facebook, twitter, or even this little blog right here.

I want to buy films so that I can spend some quality time with my dear dear Ms. LC-A.

I am starting to fall in love with a camera despite its small body packs a serious punch called the Diana Mini.

I finally met Gedek!

Here is a little something for you guys to enjoy.

Weezer - El Scorcho

Tutudu tutudu.

Generation Why


I think there is trouble up ahead.

A very big, menacing and scary problem that is just waiting to pounce on me the moment I get near it.

I need to make a plan fast!

A fool prove plan that can make me sidestep the trouble.

Oh here is another band you guys can check out. They are Kisschasy and they are from Australia.
So erm enjoy!

Kisschasy - Generation Why

Oh and jangan lupa untuk puasa! Jangan buat-buat jadi Ah Seng and Mutugasu!

Encik Aiman Haziq!


Seeeeelamat Hari Jadi!

Walaupun badan kau lagi besar tapi aku lagi tua!


Thanks for being an awesome friend!

Insyaallah nanti aku belanje kau air tembikai susu bazaar ramadhan nanti! 

Cicco Harhap


I swear to god this will be my last post till the SBP Trials end.

So yesterday Pia, Uncle, Farid, Lalan and I went to Ipoh to support Awang in his ICT quiz thingy (padahal bukan nak support sangat pon nak pegi Ipoh free je. Hahahahaha Awang aku melawak.) And after falling asleep quite the number of time while watching Awang answering the quiz on the stage, one of the urusetia came up to me and asked, "Adik dari MCkk kan? Ada masuk pertandingan ape-ape tak?". I who was caught by surprise + bored + sleepy answered, "Erm, tak kenape?". She then proceeds by answering this, " Ha jom masuk PC Essamble." To which I reply, "Erm saya tak reti nak pasang-pasang computer ni." To which both Uncle and Lalan said, "Ala masuk je mer. Kitorang ajar kau." 

So I registered my name and after about five minutes of Lalan's crash course on "How to Assemble the CPU of A PC" I was busying myself to fit in all the correct cable in to their socket before the time runs out. While doing this I was constantly bothered by the judge / timekeeper / Abang  technician who looks a lot like Cico Harhap. Here is some of his annoying comments to me:

C: Salah tuuuuu.
A: Salah Ape pulak dah?

C: Habis la terbakar CPU aku.
A: Shhh diam la.

A: Macam mane nak masuk ni bang? Besi dia bengkok!
C: Kalau tak bengkok pon kau tak boleh buat punya.

So as you guys could guess a lost. Oh well hahahahaha at least I got myself a cert and free trip to Ipoh.

I will remeber you Cicco Harhap!