Ok I'm off to camp now.
Will be back in 3 weeks time.
Take care of yourself people.
Don't do drugs!
Try to be sane.
Good Luck in your JPJ tests.
I'm going to miss everyone.
Pray that my 3 weeks at camp would be fill with fun and joy.

I'm stuck in a revolving door


Kisschasy - Turnaround

Why does I always have to be the first one?

Kem Princess Haliza Tepi Tasik


Hello everybody! I'm home for the Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai to my Chinese friends. Its been ages since i post sumthing here! This is probably due to the fact that I was busy trying to survive National Service. Not that there's any struggle for survival pon. Seriously life aku time F1 dekat Koleq lagi mencabar. Here are a few myths that is untrue about PLKN based on my camp la.

Myth 1:
Your body will be fit and all ketul-ketul.

The truth:
You'll get fatter and fatter.

Myth 2:
You'll have to kawad for the most part of your time in PLKN.

The truth:
I hardly kawad at all. hahahah

Myth 3:
Your hair would be shave every time it gets longer.

The truth:
With enough hair gel I could manage to make my hair cacak-cacak.

Myth 4:
Your life there would be like in an army boot camp.

The truth:
Like I said life aku time F1 dekat Koleq lagi menakutkan.

Myth 5:
You will not enjoy it!

The truth:
So far seronok je!

Well thats basically a very simple summary of my one month and two weeks there. I'm still waiting for Mr Feqs to tunaikan janji-janji untuk melawat aku. Mane kau Feqs? Hahahahaha till then later folks!