So as you all can see I have revamp my blog into a more minimalist and more tersusun kind of way. So I hope you guys will like it as much as I like it. Oh expect more post from me since I have nothing else to do nowdays.


A Tribute


Life is very unpredictable in a way. One minute you could be berbalas-balas pantun with a friend on his Facebook wall and the next minute that very same friend could be involve in an accident that took away his life. That is such the case with my dear dear buddy Ikhwanul Ashraf bin Manja. Who this morning passed away due to a car accident near his house in USJ.

Ikhwanul Ashraf or Chamakh is a very unique person. He is very cheerful and he is always smiling no matter what mishap falls upon him. He also doesn't hold any grudges with anyone and with that he doesn't have any known enemy. With his care-free and laid back attitude it was easy for him to approach people and vice versa. Everywhere he goes he would always make a new friend thus the big numbers of people who turn up for his funeral. The late Chamakh is also a very very very dear friend. He never grew tired of listening to other people's problem and he always have many good advices up in his sleeve.

In the sports related field, the word sports and Chamakh would be a perfect fit in any sentence. He was very active in handball, he was selected to play handball for Perak 3 times in a row. He was also the goalie for the Under-18 football and hockey team. He was also a futsal fanatic and had won like a bunch of futsal tournaments.

Musically, Allahyarham is also a very talented chap. He can play the guitar and he has one helluva voice. Give him any songs from hardcore to his favourite Beatles songs and I swear he'll amazed you.

Chamakh you are one of my bestfriends and you will forever be in my prayers. Thanks for colouring and touching my life. Hope you'll be in a better place now. I love you and I'm gonna miss you!





Its been quite long since i posted something. How are you people? Okey so I'm finally done with the whole National Service stuff and it was certainly an eye opener. Oh yeah already got my SPM result. I was kinda please with the way it turn out considering with the way how I had studied. I'm still trying to find things to do with my free time. Any ideas? If you guys do have any ideas don't hesitate to share it with me. As for now I'm game for anything at all. Oh I am also planning a revamp this here blog. It is still in its planning stages so who knows. Before I pen off here is Angels & Airwaves' new song called Hallucination. Enjoy!

Angels & Airwaves - Hallucinations