Hello readers! (If there are still any) Today I'm gonna talk about Rock Concerts!

So you all might already heard the fuzz that Paramore is coming to Malaysia. (some people might go, "Ish ape la Amer ni! Old news kot!" hahaha) It's not everyday that a band that I actually listen to decide to visit our humble country. But unfortunately I've decided not to go. (ape? tak cool la Amer tak pegi paramore!) Yes you heard me right I'm not going because if I were to go to a concert I would like to be as near as possible to the band where I can see them strumming their guitar strings and banging their cymbals and not sitting on the stadium's stand were all you can see of the band are just tiny dots. (might as well dengar radio je macam tu) Unfortunately for me, the ticket price for the free standing zone is way to pricey for me and I need the money for something else.

Now moving on, I once was asked by someone whether I wanted to go to this particular band that I didn't listen to. I was surprise when that someone asked me because I never knew he listened to the band. When I asked him did he really listen to the band he answered that he didn't really listen to the band but just wanted to go to the concert because it was a concert. Now I'm not saying you can't go to a concert just for the sakes because it is a concert. How you would like to spend your money and time is strictly your business and not mine. It's just I don't think it's worth it. If I were to go to a concert I would like to go to the one where I know the songs, the one I know the words of the lyrics, to the one I enjoyed listening to in mp3 and computer, to the one that I'm a big fan of. Why? Well just imagine yourself going to a concert of a band that you don't and might even never listen to before. You spend all your savings on the ticket and you go to the concert and it is jammed packed with people (for greater effects on the story lets imagine all the people forgot to wear their deodorants that day). And when the band plays you're disappointed because you can't quite get the music in your ears. So you just stand there like an idiot pretending to nod your head to the beat. Get the picture? (If tak paham tegur aku dekat fb nanti aku cerita balik)

Oh here are a couple of things that would turn me off in a concert:

1. Mosh-addicts : Lagu the times yang chillex pon korang nak mosh ke?

2. Abang-abang paper tiger : Bila kau mosh sikit punya ganas bila kau terkena dengan orang lain kau mengamuk nak bergaduh pulak.

3. Pembawa video recorder : Camcorder mahal-mahal bawak masuk tengah-tengah orang nak mosh. Pastu bila camcorder rosak salahkan orang.

So that's all for today, now here is a little something for you guys to listen to. My example of a good concert were the fans sing along with the band.

Oasis - Don't look back in anger.

P/s: Today's post is strictly my opinion and view only. You guys are free to live your life as you want. I'm not gonna stop you :)



Enjoy fellas.

In Memoriam


I never thought I would write a similar post like this to the one for Arwah Chamakh's. At least not this quick. Today I yet again lost a friend from an accident. Engku, I hope you're in a better place now. I always thought of you as a somewhat of a little brother to me. You are always eager to please me while we were working on the Koleq Mag. Always eager to learn and ask questions about cameras and stuff. And I must confess I sometimes lose patiences to your eagerness and constant questions. Thus I sometimes didn't treat you well enough. I'm sorry about that. I really am. If I would have none you'll leave this early I might have loosen up a bit. Sorry bro. I've learn a great deal of things from you and I will appreciate every single thing. Thanks for coming into my life. I'll remember every memories of us together. To the class of 2010, I know it's hard to lose a batchmate, trust me I really do but please try to cope and when you guys are ready, when we are ready, move on. Engku, you'll forever be in my prayers. Al-Fatihah.

Engku Arif Adlan

I promise I will visit you soon.