Travis - Closer

Don't be afraid okay?

P/s: Why dailymotion? Because Youtube tak bagi aku amek.

Dysentery Fizy


Went on a car ride with Fizy just now. We were suppose to head to Subang and pick up Kisu at her school and then I would meet up Epool while Fizy berdating. But since both of us are not from Subang getting to Kisu's school was a little bit pening sket. The signboards were very pening and Fizy never listens to me (maybe sebab dia dah ade lesen and aku takde lesen dia ingat dia power la. hahahahaah). So we were sesat all the way to Shah Alam and then Fizy's dad started calling asking where the hell is the car. So we decided to abandoned our plan to Subang and return home. Fizy clearly lacks geographical coordination because he didn't believe me went I told that Rawang is located at the north of KL. So Fizy took a wrong turn and booyah we were at Jalan Duta. So we had to turn back. Everything was going well from there on until we reached toll Rawang were Fizy lost the toll ticket. So we asked the toll attendent if we could go to the side of the road and look for our ticket. Haih. Luckly we found it.

Here are some of our conversation when we were trying to find our way:

number 1
F: Ish sempitnya jalan ni.
A: Ni one way kot.
F: Habis macam mane ni?
A: Sempoi jelah.

number 2
A: Erm apasal macam kenal je tempat ni?
F: Ha? Kau penah sampai ke sini.
A: Penah.
F: Bile?
A: Tadi, kite dah lalu sini.
F: Aduh!

number 3
F: Amer kiri ke kanan ni?
A Erm... erm......
F: Amer!
A: Jaaaap
F: Dah terlepas.

number 4
F: Kite dah keluar toll ni tak boleh blah terus ke?
A: Fizi!
F: What?
A: Keluar-keluar pegi bayar toll tu.
F: Yelah-yelah.

Overall it was a really exciting and funny. Sorry to Kisu and Epool because we coudn't make it. Fizy lain kali dengar cakap aku. Hahahaha

Somebody who has a line


I can't sleep so here goes,

Interpol - c'mere

I'm going to bed now.

Well I guesse this is growing up


In a blink of an eye well literally at least my five years at Koleq is finally finish. Some may say ending high school as something to look forward to me myself included occasionally. But while spending a few hours by myself a couple of days ago, I kept thinking to myself how much I'm going to miss it being, living, eating, breathing, laughing, fooling around, etc etc etc there.

Why you may ask? Well for some of you Rawang or Seremban or Subang Jay or Petaling Jaya or Cyberjaya or Kuala Lumpur is probably the place where you grew up. Would you feel sad to move away from these areas? Sure you do. The same goes to me. Kuala Kangsar is the place where I grew up, Koleq to be more precise. It has literally shape the person that I am today. It has taught me a lot be it from how to wash my own clothes, how to solve add math problems, making my own magazine to how to get along with different kind of people.

So I am going to miss:-

Waking up everyday looking at the same old faces.

Staying up late laughing with my friends.

Annoying Feqs while he tries to study.

Goofing off with Meor, Muqtasid, Derigh and Pokwang in class.

Teaming up with Chamakh in kacau-ing Usha.

Bahan-ing Epool dengan Miss Sherry.

Being annoyed by Nene.

Getting tease by the guys for not playing during games hours.

Working up late finishing the school mag.

The awesome feeling during cheering especially when singing motherussia.

Waking up in the dark eating Nasi Goreng Ayam and Teh Ais without actually seeing the food.

Jamming at Zai Am even though it sounded bad.

Going out at thru the hole in the gate to play Left 4 Dead.

Eating Wan Tan Hor and pau at Yut Loy.

And the list goes on and on and on.

So to does smart people out there I once again call upon you to help me build a time machine!