Good Luck Nene!
Nail that psychomotor test and be and awesome pilot!
Nanti someday bile kau dah jadi pilot aku demand free tickets every year!



Got a fear? Sure you do. Everyone has one. It might be that fear of heights or that fear of drowning in the lake or even the one with the fear of being rejected. But mine are not the same as the ones that I have told you just now. My fear is that one day, when my time has come that I will die alone in my bed due to some serious illness. No wife, no children, no grandchildren, no friends, no nobody. It will probably take a couple of days until the maid doing the weekly cleaning found me.

When the late arwah Ikhwanul Ashraf (may allah bless him) passed away he was bless with all of this people who loves him. His family, his friends, all of his kenalan-kenalan. You can practically feel how people feel his lost even to this day. This is probably due to his naturally friendly way, his care free attitude and his ability to make friends in a blink of an eye. He was always a good friend and he had coloured the life of others.

I on the other hand had never been the kind who is naturally friendly and it would take a long time for me to get used with people. And I sure I haven't make any impact on any people's life. I'm just Amer the guy-who-if-he-went-away-would-not-be-notice-by-anyone type of a guy. I don't feel any significance of myself in other people's life. Sure I might have friends now. But how long will it takes for them to realise how boring I am and decide to just ditch me.

So there goes. A confession from Amer 'Arif Azmi on my greatest fear in life.

Blink-182 - Adam's Song

Oh by the way, I'm not attempting suicide okey? hahahaha