Its just another number


The New Year. That same time of year again where everyone would make their New Year resolution without finishing their last one. That same time of year again where school kids would go restless or maybe to some excited to go back to school again and to start cracking their head trying to learn chemistry. I myself do not like the New Year partly because I find 365 days a year is really not enough I need more time man! But I practically hate this year's. Why? Let me tell you why because on the 2nd of January I, Amir 'Arif Azmi would embarked on a journey never before embarked by any guy by the name of Amir 'Arif Azmi. The National Service. Yes I will be going to Sepang tomorrow for PLKN. No more rambut panjang which I have been keeping since like erm erm like the last time I went to the barber. Hahahah and also no more waking up late and online for another 2 months and 2 weeks. Here is a video for you guys to watch.

So please forget me not while I am away. Hahahaha. Especially you. Yes you the one thats reading this. You all are invited to come and visit me. There won't be any new post for a while so bear with me.