The ride to Kuale


As I was packing my fresh laundered into the bag this morning I kept thinking to myself that the car ride to Kuale that I would be taking today would probably be my last as a present boy at Koleq. My last 9 weeks as a student which will be filled by finishing the school magazine, studying till late, cramming my brains trying to answer the exam papers and other stuff that I should not tell you. The idea of leaving school surely excites me but then again there are things that makes me want to think otherwise. Things like not waking up to find all those familiar faces again. Things like the possibilities of losing contact with your friends and stuff.So lets all tadah tangan for me and lets pray so that I can answer my SPM with ease and then I'll be strong enough to face all the things that would come after it. Amin.

Don't stop me now


I am bored and in no mood of writing today so here you go. Enjoy.

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now


Happy Raya!


Found this video from my brother's facebook. It's his course project something. It was filmed when I was in F3 if tak silap. Enjoy!

Ada gaya Al Pachino tak lead actor dia? hahahahah

Selamat Hari Raya Folks!

Kalau aku datang beraya rumah korang jangan lupa bagi duit raya!

Tonight we beg that question


I am finally back home for the raya holidays! Wuhuu! To celebrate my arriving home in safeness (does it make sense?) I would like to share a song with you! This one is from Manic Street Preachers' new album Journal For Plague Lovers.

Manic Street Preachers - Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

Go ahead go bonkers over it!



After about 6 weeks, yes 6 weeks of staying up late trying to cramp formulas, equations and facts into the brain, both the SBP trial and JPN trial are finally over. Fuhh.

So now its time to let loose for awhile before things really get nasty. hahahah

This is Mr Paul Aaron Scholes.
He is awesome.
Thats all.