Happy Ramadan people! May this Ramadan be more than just bazaar Ramadan with all those ayam percik, murtabak and air soya. Mmmmmm. Eh snap out of it! hahaha. So why don't we all try and make full use out of it! Until later folks! I got class coming up.

Oh oh before I forget. Bukan marah, bukan perli. Cuma pesanan sebelum aku mati. Guys jangan la berlakon jadi Ah Seng and Ramasamy ok?

Take a glorious bite on the whole world


Snow Patrol - You could be happy

As much as I would like things to change I guess I just can't change it. I hope this is for the best.

Federal Constitution or Federal Highway?


My oh my is it just me or is it dusty in here. Okey so I'm back today after a while of absenteeism. Do forgive me because I have been busy with assignments + personal stuff + laziness + the procrastinator in me. Okey so before I continue with anything else why don't you guys check out the video bellow first.

So do you know what the Federal Constitution is? If you had answered yes and wasn't lying then congratulations! But by just knowing the meaning is not sufficient. We must also know the content of the constitution itself. If you have answered no then no fear as there is still time for you to open up yourself and learn all about the constitution. So why don't we all take some of our online time and visit a website that can help us understand more on our constitution. Where can I find a website like that you ask? Boy are you lucky today! By just clicking here or here you can find all you need to know about the constitution.

So until later folks! I promise I will keep updating my blog more frequently after this. And that is a promise I'm making to you. No not you, the person next to you hahaha. So live long and prosper everyone!