Happy New Year!


2008 oh what a year it was! I personally think 2008 was the year that I change a lot being more matured and more responsible of my actions. I made new friends, reconnected with old buddies, tried new things, learnt some lesson of life, got interested in Lomography, went to Russia and the list goes on. If I some scientist would invent a time machine 10 years from now and he would let me use it, 2008 will be one of the years that i would travel too.

Right now all I can think about 2009 is, Form 5 and SPM. It feels just like if it was yesterday when I first step myself into Koleq and now suddenly I am about to be come a Fifth Former! The Abang-abang who the juniors are force to give salams to went passing. The guys who gave out orders to the juniors. The guys... oh you get the point. I can already guess what the headmaster would say on the first day assembly, It will go something like this:

"Result Diognostic F5 tahun ini tidak memberansangkan ya. Mungkin kamu semua ingat kamu sudah bagus dan banyak bermain-main waktu kamu F4 tahun lepas. Kamu mesti bukti kan kepada kami bla bla bla bla......"

Darn it old man! Never proud of what we achived! Always wanted more! Oh well. Oh yeah since 2009 would be the year I would be taking the SPM, I am predicting tonnes of handouts, countless of homework, those late hours that I would spent studying and uncountable lectures from the teachers about my future and how hard the life after school if I didn't do well in the SPM. 

As for my new year resolution. Well I have choosen not to tell anyone about it because of some personal reasons.

So, Adios 2008 and Hola 2009!

Happy New Year Guys!

Cockney accent


Some people tend to think that they are much superior from others just because they spend a couple of years overseas. They would constantly say thinks like "Oh When I was in the UK we did thinks better!" or "If I were in UK they would handle things like this..." even this " Malaysia sucks compare to UK!". Oh oh they would also speak in English with an accent as in to show off to other people that the had been living overseas for a year or two. Heck they even spell bother  like this: bovver. I mean come on!

Sure Malaysia may lack a few things compared to the UK but hey! it is still your country! We should be proud of it as it is. At least we are warm and sunny unlike England which is dark, cold and gloomy. Oh yeah about those accent, it don't know what are your reasons of talking like that(but I do have a few ideas why) but please la try la went in Malaysia speak normally it would be easier for people to understand you. Oh yeah stop hanging out with your "Malaysian who went to overseas for a couple of years" Group all the time. Go on an mingle with other people because there are a lot of things you might learn. Stop acting like some Brit and start acting like a Malaysian!

P/s: not all of them are act like these only a minority of them some are really awesome and nice as a matter of fact.

Hello Sunshine!


Say hello to these Ipoh Rockers!

Meet Muck lads!

Muck - Hello Sunshine

Soooooo cool!

Once apon a time


Today I saw a bunch of small kids taking the LRT for the first time. They were busy runing from side to side looking out through the window and constantly asking their mother with questions like"what does that thing do?" and "why is that man holding that?" and some others.

Ah I remember my first time taking the lrt. It was way back in 1998 if I'm not mistaken my late Tokwan took me, my sister, my brother, and my cousins on our first lrt trip from Kelana Jaya (back then I still live in Kelana Jaya) to Dang Wangi. We had a whale of a time riding the lrt. We were practically amaze with the lrt because it does not have a driver! hahahahaha good times good times.

Wish I have a time machine to go back then.

Hey ho oh no!


ring ring..... ring ring........

me: Hello?
caller: Hello ah. Is this Amer Arif ah?
me: Yup thats me. Who is this?
caller: I'm from YL Camera Service.
me: Oh yeah! Is my camera ready yet?
caller: Your Nomo NKA ah cannot be repair one.
me: Oh I see.
caller: You can take it back now la.
me: Oh ok. I'll pick it up later.
caller: Ok aa. Thank you. Bye.
me: Bye.

Dammit! Now I have two broken Lomo cams! Seems like I have to send it to Kak Hanan all way to Russia after all or maybe I should just buy a new one? (Oh the temptation!) Or maybe I'll borrow one from Feqs!

I think those lomo guys who manufactured the cameras hate me.



Check out The All-American Rejects playing a cover of Britney Spears' Womanizer!


A long time ago


A long time ago....
When I was about five year or so, my day to day clothes would be t-shirts from Kiki Lala, Ladybird and Kiko. Now days I see little kids wearing clothes from Gap, Nike and etc. Heck, I won't be surprise by the time I have kids Topman will have outfits for kids too. 

A long time ago....
When I was in standard one or somewhere that age. All the shoes that I have were from bubblegummers. Try strolling in the mall right now and you could find little kids wearing small sizes Adidas and Nike shoes. I wonder if Macbeth would someday sell shoes for kids too.

A long time ago....
It was went I was in standard six that I got my first handphone and that was because it was easier for me to call my folks since they went to haj. Now I can see kids as young as standard two sms-ing with their friends. I am predicting babies will have their own handphone by the time I got a job.

The future is so materialistic that it gave me the goosebumps.

Wah! Oooo! Ahhh!


Terima Kasih dekat Estrella, Bunkface, Republic of Brickfields, Pure Vibration, They Will Kill Us All, Komplot, OAG, One Buck Short and Butterfingers sebab entertain aku hari ni.

Walaupon time OAG tu aku tak dengaq sangat sebab tolong Fizy cari wallet dia yang hilang. Kesian dia tula aku dah habaq dah bubuh wallet dkt poket depan tapi daq! NAk jugak belagak macho letak dekat blakang.

Terima kasih kat kawan-kawan yang lepak dengan aku skali dekat Rock The World.

Walaupon aku takdaq chan lagi nak mosh dekat Glastonbury tapi Rock The World pon jadi la.



Shit! Shit! Shit!



Lady 1: My husband wants my son to go to a boarding school.
Lady 2: Really?
Lady 1: Yeah, but i don't want him to go la you know with all the ragging and stuff. At least here I  know what he is doing unlike there.
Lady 2: True true, How many times ah they get to come back home?
Lady 1: Two times a week.
Lady 2: Thats bullshit!
Lady 1: Yes I totally agree!

A conversation I over heard in the komuter.
Well I'm afraid I have to disagree with them.
First of all, the ragging and the bullying in boarding school are very low nowdays heck you can't even asked a junior to take a glass of water anymore without being scolded by the teachers nowdays. Besides ragging really toughen the kids based on my views la.

Ok moving on, sure you might not know what your child is up to there. But hey people if you don't know we have wardens in hostels who will watch over your child for you. Other than that, living in a school compound and only be able to go out once a week reduce your kids chances to d a lot of stupid things.

Ok moving on again, it won't be called a bording school if your child get to go back every week. Come on let them feelhow it is being far away from their parents. It might do them some good you know. They become more independent with themself.

So people please let them try it out first its not that bad like you think. If they don't like it only then you get them out.

Mamat Aussie, LC-A & Control


Well it seems like my dear LC-A cannot be repaired by me or my brother. I had to sent  it to a shop to get it repaired. So, off I went to Plaza pudu with Feqs (mamat baru balik dari Australia) today.Before that we went to the Pavilion first because I wanted to get myself a ticket for Rock The World. First we went to Keat Camera and asked the counter guy if they can fix the cam. But, unfortunately they do not want to take the risk since they now nothing about lomo cameras. Then We went to this shop which sells like berdozen-dozen second-hand Nikon DSLR! Luckily these chaps were willing to operate my dear old LC-A. 

So after filling some papers we headed straight back to Pavilion. On our way there we visited the dolls store which to my greatest excitement I manage to score Anton Corbijn's Control movie after months of waiting! Control is a documentary/movie that centers on the life and death of the enigmatic lead singer of Joy Division, Ian Curtis. So after that we went to see the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still a movie which we came in 30 minutes late because my watch was going coocoo. The movie was alrite but it would be really nice if I had Klaatu's power. So then we had our late lunch and stroll around some more meeting Zafiq along the way. About six pm we both we really tired and decided to go home.



Why to dogs in Malaysia have to be so jakun with people? Always barking madly at people passing by. Even went I am 16 feet away from them! Why can't they be more like the dogs I watched in the tv. All friendly nice, and only bother the mailman. But no, they have to bark at you at first sight and try to chop off your hand went you want to past something to their owners! Do I look like I am a guy that pecah masuk rumah orang? Listen here doggie! Aku tak nak pecah masuk rumah kau pon! Kalau rumah kau tu best takpe la gak!

A wise person once said if you said "kitmir" to a barking dog with confidence it will stop. Well, to tell you the truth it works! (sometimes la, tapi tak payah la duduk menggatai tiap-tiap hari nak pg kacau anjing tu sebab nak test). But I prefer throwing a big chunk of rock better.

One more time I hear you guys barking at me I swear I am going to kick your doggie butts! (and then run away)

Mai Degaq!


Meet Wani Ardy people!
And listen to her tunes!

Wani Ardy - Teori Lucu

Wani Ardy - Knock Knock Wonderment

Rad kan!
Comey pon comey.

Berjalan Sampai Lebam!


Warning! the posting below is written in the northern dialect

Keluaq jalan-jalan dengan Fizy, Raja dengan Izaat.
Izaat dah kuruih.
Fizy nak pi Converse wearhouse sale.
Fizy shopping sakan.
Aku tak daq saiz.
Jumpaq Dian dengan kawan-kawan dia.
Pi klcc.
Makan Nasi Kandaq.
Pi Rantai sat.
Beli filem redscale.
Fizy nak pi pcfair sat nak pi beli apa tah.
Teman Raja bagi kertaih Addmath dekat kawan dia.
Fizy dgn Izaat nak pi Sungai Wang nak tengok baju.
Fizy shopping sakan lagi. (banyak sungguh nah duit dia?)
Terserempak dengan Ayub.
Dia nak kerja dkt GSC. (boleh mintak tiket free hehehe)
Nak pi jumpaq Epool dengan Chamakh sat.
Fizy dengan Izaat nak balik.
Jalan pi klcc.
Jumpaq Epool dengan Chamakh.
Chamakh nampak smart hari ni.
Pi Nasi Kandaq Pelita lagi.
Pi Rantai balik.
Tiba-tiba Izaat mai balik.
Dia tak jadi balik.
Dengaq band minah pakai baju kurung (lupa nama band) dengan lightcraft.
Nak balik.
Pi stesen Ampang Park.
Sampai Sentral naik komuter.
Sampai Rawang naik cab.
Cab cekeq darah.
Sampai rumah kaki sakit.

LC-A Operation Failed


Apart from my curse of not being able to watch Man Utd playing I think I have yet another curse. This new one is about Lomo camera. I seem to have trouble with every Lomo cameras that I own. My first one which was a Supersampler Dalek Edition broke just after 12 shots!(stupid fragile thing). While my 1988 LC-A has cause me some problems such as the shutter sometimes won't open and now there is something wrong with the film forwarding thingy. So I asked my bother about this and he suggested me to open the back cover and try tweaking with it.

So, being desperate since I really wanted to use the camera I opened it and tried to figure out what was wrong. Being the dimwit that I am I forgot to asked him what to do once I opened the cover! So I had to call him. I didn't quite understand his instruction because I lack some imaginary qualities needed. After a couple of minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong I finally gave up and decided to wait for my brother to come home and help me out.

I hated when stuff like this happen to me. Hish!

McAlister Road


123 McAlister Rd

Jalan McAlister, Penang
7 December 2008

To see more pictures by me kindly click here



Check out this video which I got from Baang's Blog

The Matrix Runs On Windows



My little cousins came by to my house a few weeks ago and they were watching Spongebob on tv9 which is in Bahasa Malaysia and it got me thinking. 

When I was a kid I used to learn a lot of new words by watching cartoons. I dare to say that I have learned more words and phrases from cartoon than any other storybooks. Every time when I heard the characters said a word that I had never heard before I would quickly rush to the kitchen where my mom was and asked her the meaning of the particular word/phrases.  So these English speaking cartoons make learning new vocab fun for me.

 So since tv9 have change these cartoon from English to BM I find it as purely entertainment as the kids watching them cannot learn any English words or learn to speak English. So I think these cartoons in BM is not very beneficial and is just one of the tv9 scheme to get a higher viewer rating.

P/s: Spongebob's voice in BM is weird.

Rock The World!


Jom Pegi!

One Nine Nine Four


One Nine Nine Four is a documentary exploring the birth, growth and eventual tipping point of punk rock during the 90's. The film is narrated by skateboarder Tony Hawk and features interviews and footage of various bands and figures in the punk scene including Dexter Holland from The Offspring, Tim Armstrong from Rancid and Fat Mike from NOFX. Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 also appear in the film. I really want to see this film.