Not just a number


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I once wrote a status on facebook stating that 2010 was just a number. Boy was I wrong. 2010 has turned out to be a very bittersweet year with many new experiences. And I'm sure that 2011 will not just be another number. Have a good day everyone!



Hello! By looking at the title and the lovely picture above I'm pretty sure you guys know what I'm talking about. Ehem, after a long time of self-impose retirement as a football pundit, I feel that the time is right for me to talk football again after our beloved national side managed to be crown as the Southeast Asian Champions for the first time!

Now lets talk football. From as far as I can remeber, Malaysia never had a decent keeper until Khairul Fahmi Che Mat stood between the post for us. (before this all of the keepers are either rooted at one spot or only jumped and dived to make as if they are doing their work) He is not afraid to charge on incoming attackers and heck, he pulled off some nice saves from time to time.

Okey now for the defenders. Malaysian defend was struck by a massive injury crisis and that is the best thing that has happen! Yes you read it right. The BEST THING that has happen to our squad. Why? Well it gave chances to our youngsters to play. And football being football it is proven that young players can make a different as proven by Germany and Fergie's Fledgling. The partnership between Muslim and Fadhli was perfect and they are only 21 and 19 years old! For once, Malaysia's defence were marking people and winning aerial balls. Erm yang kahwin artis tu lupakan jela eh? haha

Midfielders. Safiq Rahim's ball distribution was pretty good and at times world class. But a very reliable source told me that he needs to learn to keep the ball better. Oh and who can miss Kunalan and his tireless run up and down the flanks. If only Badrool Bakhtiar of Kedah was not injured. Malaysia's engine room would have been magnificent with him on board.

Now for the two guys upfront. Safee Sali and Norshahrul was world class. Who can forget Norshahrul beating the Indonesian defenders like chicken before passing the ball to Safee to slot it home? Or Safee's header? Pergh magical just magical. I wouldn't be surprise to see both of them plying their trade overseas perhaps?

Next on the list is Rajagobal. Raja should be given a Datuk. He deserves it. Fullstop need I say more?

And now finally the fans. I was fortunate enough to attend the first-leg final and the atmosphere was electrifying! I wouldn't trade that experience with anything! Imagine yourself in a crowd of 80 000+++ all supporting for the same team. I've been to football matches before and this is one nothing like those matches. How often can you hug a stranger and high five him while talking about football? Not very often. Rare as a matter of fact. We were singing we were shouting and we were clapping. Truth to be said it is on par with the Koleq vs Vaji game. But there are some things I don't like about the fans was the firecrackers, the bottle throwing and the laser incident. Oh and I was also embarrassed when some of the fans booed and jeered during the Indonesian National Anthem. That was kinda a turn off. But I like the flares though.

Well let's hope that this team keeps on improving. Let's make a name in the Asia Cup!



I'm making a statement here!

Pagliacci the Clown


I heard a joke once,

Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says "Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says, "But Doctor... I am Pagliacci."

Good joke, everybody laugh, roll out the snare drum, curtains.

Get it?

Think about it.

Help me out please


Khas untuk Azrin Nene


Ultimate Eagles - Desperado

Dah aku dah buat dua post about kau. Jealous kuat ni.



Hello readers! (If there are still any) Today I'm gonna talk about Rock Concerts!

So you all might already heard the fuzz that Paramore is coming to Malaysia. (some people might go, "Ish ape la Amer ni! Old news kot!" hahaha) It's not everyday that a band that I actually listen to decide to visit our humble country. But unfortunately I've decided not to go. (ape? tak cool la Amer tak pegi paramore!) Yes you heard me right I'm not going because if I were to go to a concert I would like to be as near as possible to the band where I can see them strumming their guitar strings and banging their cymbals and not sitting on the stadium's stand were all you can see of the band are just tiny dots. (might as well dengar radio je macam tu) Unfortunately for me, the ticket price for the free standing zone is way to pricey for me and I need the money for something else.

Now moving on, I once was asked by someone whether I wanted to go to this particular band that I didn't listen to. I was surprise when that someone asked me because I never knew he listened to the band. When I asked him did he really listen to the band he answered that he didn't really listen to the band but just wanted to go to the concert because it was a concert. Now I'm not saying you can't go to a concert just for the sakes because it is a concert. How you would like to spend your money and time is strictly your business and not mine. It's just I don't think it's worth it. If I were to go to a concert I would like to go to the one where I know the songs, the one I know the words of the lyrics, to the one I enjoyed listening to in mp3 and computer, to the one that I'm a big fan of. Why? Well just imagine yourself going to a concert of a band that you don't and might even never listen to before. You spend all your savings on the ticket and you go to the concert and it is jammed packed with people (for greater effects on the story lets imagine all the people forgot to wear their deodorants that day). And when the band plays you're disappointed because you can't quite get the music in your ears. So you just stand there like an idiot pretending to nod your head to the beat. Get the picture? (If tak paham tegur aku dekat fb nanti aku cerita balik)

Oh here are a couple of things that would turn me off in a concert:

1. Mosh-addicts : Lagu the times yang chillex pon korang nak mosh ke?

2. Abang-abang paper tiger : Bila kau mosh sikit punya ganas bila kau terkena dengan orang lain kau mengamuk nak bergaduh pulak.

3. Pembawa video recorder : Camcorder mahal-mahal bawak masuk tengah-tengah orang nak mosh. Pastu bila camcorder rosak salahkan orang.

So that's all for today, now here is a little something for you guys to listen to. My example of a good concert were the fans sing along with the band.

Oasis - Don't look back in anger.

P/s: Today's post is strictly my opinion and view only. You guys are free to live your life as you want. I'm not gonna stop you :)



Enjoy fellas.

In Memoriam


I never thought I would write a similar post like this to the one for Arwah Chamakh's. At least not this quick. Today I yet again lost a friend from an accident. Engku, I hope you're in a better place now. I always thought of you as a somewhat of a little brother to me. You are always eager to please me while we were working on the Koleq Mag. Always eager to learn and ask questions about cameras and stuff. And I must confess I sometimes lose patiences to your eagerness and constant questions. Thus I sometimes didn't treat you well enough. I'm sorry about that. I really am. If I would have none you'll leave this early I might have loosen up a bit. Sorry bro. I've learn a great deal of things from you and I will appreciate every single thing. Thanks for coming into my life. I'll remember every memories of us together. To the class of 2010, I know it's hard to lose a batchmate, trust me I really do but please try to cope and when you guys are ready, when we are ready, move on. Engku, you'll forever be in my prayers. Al-Fatihah.

Engku Arif Adlan

I promise I will visit you soon.



Happy Ramadan people! May this Ramadan be more than just bazaar Ramadan with all those ayam percik, murtabak and air soya. Mmmmmm. Eh snap out of it! hahaha. So why don't we all try and make full use out of it! Until later folks! I got class coming up.

Oh oh before I forget. Bukan marah, bukan perli. Cuma pesanan sebelum aku mati. Guys jangan la berlakon jadi Ah Seng and Ramasamy ok?

Take a glorious bite on the whole world


Snow Patrol - You could be happy

As much as I would like things to change I guess I just can't change it. I hope this is for the best.

Federal Constitution or Federal Highway?


My oh my is it just me or is it dusty in here. Okey so I'm back today after a while of absenteeism. Do forgive me because I have been busy with assignments + personal stuff + laziness + the procrastinator in me. Okey so before I continue with anything else why don't you guys check out the video bellow first.

So do you know what the Federal Constitution is? If you had answered yes and wasn't lying then congratulations! But by just knowing the meaning is not sufficient. We must also know the content of the constitution itself. If you have answered no then no fear as there is still time for you to open up yourself and learn all about the constitution. So why don't we all take some of our online time and visit a website that can help us understand more on our constitution. Where can I find a website like that you ask? Boy are you lucky today! By just clicking here or here you can find all you need to know about the constitution.

So until later folks! I promise I will keep updating my blog more frequently after this. And that is a promise I'm making to you. No not you, the person next to you hahaha. So live long and prosper everyone!



Good Luck Nene!
Nail that psychomotor test and be and awesome pilot!
Nanti someday bile kau dah jadi pilot aku demand free tickets every year!



Got a fear? Sure you do. Everyone has one. It might be that fear of heights or that fear of drowning in the lake or even the one with the fear of being rejected. But mine are not the same as the ones that I have told you just now. My fear is that one day, when my time has come that I will die alone in my bed due to some serious illness. No wife, no children, no grandchildren, no friends, no nobody. It will probably take a couple of days until the maid doing the weekly cleaning found me.

When the late arwah Ikhwanul Ashraf (may allah bless him) passed away he was bless with all of this people who loves him. His family, his friends, all of his kenalan-kenalan. You can practically feel how people feel his lost even to this day. This is probably due to his naturally friendly way, his care free attitude and his ability to make friends in a blink of an eye. He was always a good friend and he had coloured the life of others.

I on the other hand had never been the kind who is naturally friendly and it would take a long time for me to get used with people. And I sure I haven't make any impact on any people's life. I'm just Amer the guy-who-if-he-went-away-would-not-be-notice-by-anyone type of a guy. I don't feel any significance of myself in other people's life. Sure I might have friends now. But how long will it takes for them to realise how boring I am and decide to just ditch me.

So there goes. A confession from Amer 'Arif Azmi on my greatest fear in life.

Blink-182 - Adam's Song

Oh by the way, I'm not attempting suicide okey? hahahaha



Okey since a lot of people have keep asking me when to blog again so here goes. Today I would like to talk about names. My name to be more precise. My name is Amir 'Arif bin Azmi. Thats Amir with an "I" but I like to spell it as Amer with an "E" just for fun. My family would call me Arif while friends call me Amer. There are some who call me Meng, Mengue and Barif. I don't like it when people call me Amer Arif unless you're my teacher because it gives the sense of kau tak rapat dengan aku because you have to use both of my names ( is it just me or do you guys feel the same too? ) oh and I really don't like it when people call me Merep. It sounds funny and besides Amer is waaay easier to pronounce ( well for me la hahah). Oh and I really get pissed of when someone misspells my name. e.g. Amir Ariff. When in formal letters, forms or certs, I hate it when they forgot my apostrophe ( ' ) come on it's formal put it there la! I also find it weird when someday when I'm all grow up and i have children they will be bin Amir 'Arif. Why? Because my name sounds like a teenager's name! ( come on I know you guys must have thought about this too ). Hahaha so thats it for me. Till later folks.

Here's a little something for you guys.

Mike Edel - Turn The Lights On Bright

A fat boy who turn slim name feqs


Feqs on the left (your left)

Hadiah tengok la dulu macam mana.
If kau menang Fifa dengan aku baru aku bagi.

p/s: Bestfriend sorang lagi sorry takde post birthday pasal kau. Aku dalam kem.




So as you all can see I have revamp my blog into a more minimalist and more tersusun kind of way. So I hope you guys will like it as much as I like it. Oh expect more post from me since I have nothing else to do nowdays.


A Tribute


Life is very unpredictable in a way. One minute you could be berbalas-balas pantun with a friend on his Facebook wall and the next minute that very same friend could be involve in an accident that took away his life. That is such the case with my dear dear buddy Ikhwanul Ashraf bin Manja. Who this morning passed away due to a car accident near his house in USJ.

Ikhwanul Ashraf or Chamakh is a very unique person. He is very cheerful and he is always smiling no matter what mishap falls upon him. He also doesn't hold any grudges with anyone and with that he doesn't have any known enemy. With his care-free and laid back attitude it was easy for him to approach people and vice versa. Everywhere he goes he would always make a new friend thus the big numbers of people who turn up for his funeral. The late Chamakh is also a very very very dear friend. He never grew tired of listening to other people's problem and he always have many good advices up in his sleeve.

In the sports related field, the word sports and Chamakh would be a perfect fit in any sentence. He was very active in handball, he was selected to play handball for Perak 3 times in a row. He was also the goalie for the Under-18 football and hockey team. He was also a futsal fanatic and had won like a bunch of futsal tournaments.

Musically, Allahyarham is also a very talented chap. He can play the guitar and he has one helluva voice. Give him any songs from hardcore to his favourite Beatles songs and I swear he'll amazed you.

Chamakh you are one of my bestfriends and you will forever be in my prayers. Thanks for colouring and touching my life. Hope you'll be in a better place now. I love you and I'm gonna miss you!





Its been quite long since i posted something. How are you people? Okey so I'm finally done with the whole National Service stuff and it was certainly an eye opener. Oh yeah already got my SPM result. I was kinda please with the way it turn out considering with the way how I had studied. I'm still trying to find things to do with my free time. Any ideas? If you guys do have any ideas don't hesitate to share it with me. As for now I'm game for anything at all. Oh I am also planning a revamp this here blog. It is still in its planning stages so who knows. Before I pen off here is Angels & Airwaves' new song called Hallucination. Enjoy!

Angels & Airwaves - Hallucinations




Ok I'm off to camp now.
Will be back in 3 weeks time.
Take care of yourself people.
Don't do drugs!
Try to be sane.
Good Luck in your JPJ tests.
I'm going to miss everyone.
Pray that my 3 weeks at camp would be fill with fun and joy.

I'm stuck in a revolving door


Kisschasy - Turnaround

Why does I always have to be the first one?

Kem Princess Haliza Tepi Tasik


Hello everybody! I'm home for the Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai to my Chinese friends. Its been ages since i post sumthing here! This is probably due to the fact that I was busy trying to survive National Service. Not that there's any struggle for survival pon. Seriously life aku time F1 dekat Koleq lagi mencabar. Here are a few myths that is untrue about PLKN based on my camp la.

Myth 1:
Your body will be fit and all ketul-ketul.

The truth:
You'll get fatter and fatter.

Myth 2:
You'll have to kawad for the most part of your time in PLKN.

The truth:
I hardly kawad at all. hahahah

Myth 3:
Your hair would be shave every time it gets longer.

The truth:
With enough hair gel I could manage to make my hair cacak-cacak.

Myth 4:
Your life there would be like in an army boot camp.

The truth:
Like I said life aku time F1 dekat Koleq lagi menakutkan.

Myth 5:
You will not enjoy it!

The truth:
So far seronok je!

Well thats basically a very simple summary of my one month and two weeks there. I'm still waiting for Mr Feqs to tunaikan janji-janji untuk melawat aku. Mane kau Feqs? Hahahahaha till then later folks!

Its just another number


The New Year. That same time of year again where everyone would make their New Year resolution without finishing their last one. That same time of year again where school kids would go restless or maybe to some excited to go back to school again and to start cracking their head trying to learn chemistry. I myself do not like the New Year partly because I find 365 days a year is really not enough I need more time man! But I practically hate this year's. Why? Let me tell you why because on the 2nd of January I, Amir 'Arif Azmi would embarked on a journey never before embarked by any guy by the name of Amir 'Arif Azmi. The National Service. Yes I will be going to Sepang tomorrow for PLKN. No more rambut panjang which I have been keeping since like erm erm like the last time I went to the barber. Hahahah and also no more waking up late and online for another 2 months and 2 weeks. Here is a video for you guys to watch.

So please forget me not while I am away. Hahahaha. Especially you. Yes you the one thats reading this. You all are invited to come and visit me. There won't be any new post for a while so bear with me.