Travis - Closer

Don't be afraid okay?

P/s: Why dailymotion? Because Youtube tak bagi aku amek.

Dysentery Fizy


Went on a car ride with Fizy just now. We were suppose to head to Subang and pick up Kisu at her school and then I would meet up Epool while Fizy berdating. But since both of us are not from Subang getting to Kisu's school was a little bit pening sket. The signboards were very pening and Fizy never listens to me (maybe sebab dia dah ade lesen and aku takde lesen dia ingat dia power la. hahahahaah). So we were sesat all the way to Shah Alam and then Fizy's dad started calling asking where the hell is the car. So we decided to abandoned our plan to Subang and return home. Fizy clearly lacks geographical coordination because he didn't believe me went I told that Rawang is located at the north of KL. So Fizy took a wrong turn and booyah we were at Jalan Duta. So we had to turn back. Everything was going well from there on until we reached toll Rawang were Fizy lost the toll ticket. So we asked the toll attendent if we could go to the side of the road and look for our ticket. Haih. Luckly we found it.

Here are some of our conversation when we were trying to find our way:

number 1
F: Ish sempitnya jalan ni.
A: Ni one way kot.
F: Habis macam mane ni?
A: Sempoi jelah.

number 2
A: Erm apasal macam kenal je tempat ni?
F: Ha? Kau penah sampai ke sini.
A: Penah.
F: Bile?
A: Tadi, kite dah lalu sini.
F: Aduh!

number 3
F: Amer kiri ke kanan ni?
A Erm... erm......
F: Amer!
A: Jaaaap
F: Dah terlepas.

number 4
F: Kite dah keluar toll ni tak boleh blah terus ke?
A: Fizi!
F: What?
A: Keluar-keluar pegi bayar toll tu.
F: Yelah-yelah.

Overall it was a really exciting and funny. Sorry to Kisu and Epool because we coudn't make it. Fizy lain kali dengar cakap aku. Hahahaha

Somebody who has a line


I can't sleep so here goes,

Interpol - c'mere

I'm going to bed now.

Well I guesse this is growing up


In a blink of an eye well literally at least my five years at Koleq is finally finish. Some may say ending high school as something to look forward to me myself included occasionally. But while spending a few hours by myself a couple of days ago, I kept thinking to myself how much I'm going to miss it being, living, eating, breathing, laughing, fooling around, etc etc etc there.

Why you may ask? Well for some of you Rawang or Seremban or Subang Jay or Petaling Jaya or Cyberjaya or Kuala Lumpur is probably the place where you grew up. Would you feel sad to move away from these areas? Sure you do. The same goes to me. Kuala Kangsar is the place where I grew up, Koleq to be more precise. It has literally shape the person that I am today. It has taught me a lot be it from how to wash my own clothes, how to solve add math problems, making my own magazine to how to get along with different kind of people.

So I am going to miss:-

Waking up everyday looking at the same old faces.

Staying up late laughing with my friends.

Annoying Feqs while he tries to study.

Goofing off with Meor, Muqtasid, Derigh and Pokwang in class.

Teaming up with Chamakh in kacau-ing Usha.

Bahan-ing Epool dengan Miss Sherry.

Being annoyed by Nene.

Getting tease by the guys for not playing during games hours.

Working up late finishing the school mag.

The awesome feeling during cheering especially when singing motherussia.

Waking up in the dark eating Nasi Goreng Ayam and Teh Ais without actually seeing the food.

Jamming at Zai Am even though it sounded bad.

Going out at thru the hole in the gate to play Left 4 Dead.

Eating Wan Tan Hor and pau at Yut Loy.

And the list goes on and on and on.

So to does smart people out there I once again call upon you to help me build a time machine!

Man Overboard


This song is dedicated to you biology.

Blink 182 - Man Overboard

Goodbye biology. You have given me headaches, caused me to be scold at and other nuisance stuff. I don't think I'll be seeing you anymore. So goodbye and good riddance. Adios!

So sorry its over.
So sorry its over.

p/s: sorry blur video clip tak boleh letak universalmusicgroup kedekut.

Penat belajar Bio.


PLKN: 92062802****
LAPOR: 02-JAN-2010

Sila datang melawat eh.
Bawak makanan banyak-banyk sikit.

Amer vs Roslan


Once upon a time during the f5's meeting with the vice principal of co-curriculum regarding our co-curriculum points form.

AA: Cikgu science 5 punya borang mane?

RM: Saya yang patut tanya kamu mana borang tu.

AA: Eh dekat cikgu la kan dah hantar haritu.

RM: Mane ada kamu hantar? Kalau kamu hantar mesti ada.

AA: Dah hantar la cikgu! Cikgu hilang kan kot?

RM: Mane ada dekat saya!

AA: Saya dah hantar satu class dekat cikgu!

RM: Mane bukti? Saya nak bukti.

AA: Fine la kitorang buat lain la.

A couple of days later. A friend of mine came up to me.

KA: Amer, cikgu RM bagi dia baru jumpa dalam bilik dia.

AA: Benda ape ni?

In his hand were the borang-borang.

Lain kali cari la elok-elok dulu sebelum nak tuduh!



I look and sound crappy. hahahaha
I'm still looking for funds. Anyone out there willing to help?



Sila tengok video dibawah dulu.

Tolong la senario ni tak jadi dekat aku. Aku tak mau la kawan-kawan aku mai rumah suruh aku amek Paper Julai. Study study!

Back thru time in a shoebox


I want to go back to 2005!
That was one of the best years of my life.
If i could relive it again I wouldn't change a thing.

P/s: Does time machine exist? hahahah

The ride to Kuale


As I was packing my fresh laundered into the bag this morning I kept thinking to myself that the car ride to Kuale that I would be taking today would probably be my last as a present boy at Koleq. My last 9 weeks as a student which will be filled by finishing the school magazine, studying till late, cramming my brains trying to answer the exam papers and other stuff that I should not tell you. The idea of leaving school surely excites me but then again there are things that makes me want to think otherwise. Things like not waking up to find all those familiar faces again. Things like the possibilities of losing contact with your friends and stuff.So lets all tadah tangan for me and lets pray so that I can answer my SPM with ease and then I'll be strong enough to face all the things that would come after it. Amin.

Don't stop me now


I am bored and in no mood of writing today so here you go. Enjoy.

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now


Happy Raya!


Found this video from my brother's facebook. It's his course project something. It was filmed when I was in F3 if tak silap. Enjoy!

Ada gaya Al Pachino tak lead actor dia? hahahahah

Selamat Hari Raya Folks!

Kalau aku datang beraya rumah korang jangan lupa bagi duit raya!

Tonight we beg that question


I am finally back home for the raya holidays! Wuhuu! To celebrate my arriving home in safeness (does it make sense?) I would like to share a song with you! This one is from Manic Street Preachers' new album Journal For Plague Lovers.

Manic Street Preachers - Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

Go ahead go bonkers over it!



After about 6 weeks, yes 6 weeks of staying up late trying to cramp formulas, equations and facts into the brain, both the SBP trial and JPN trial are finally over. Fuhh.

So now its time to let loose for awhile before things really get nasty. hahahah

This is Mr Paul Aaron Scholes.
He is awesome.
Thats all.

Ape beza aku dan kau?


Today I, Amir 'Arif Bin Azmi would like to be a wannabe film critic.

Okey so I have just finished watching Gadoh which was directed by Brenda Danker and Namron. It basically tells the story of the conflict between races and the inability of teachers to understand what the students really want and so on.

The actors were by far better actors then the ones from Kami and Zahiril Adzim once again was top notch playing the leader of the problematic malay boys. There is no pelakon kadboard here like that Ali dude.

The character that i find all to familiar is probably Mr Chua the principle who glorifies personal glory, never listens to anyone else and always ready to jump to conclusion. Who you might ask? Do your own math. Oh oh and the character who was suppose to play Dato' Alimuddin (or is it Tan Sri now?) was not close to the man the my seniors told me about.

You can watch the film by pressing here, here and also here.

So tunggu ape lagi! Pegi tengok lekah!

I'm the epitome of Public Enemy


My teeth are free from braces.

But the braces are replaced by the not so very comfortable retainers.

The Koleq Mag lacks funds.

Anyone interested to help can contact me through phone, facebook, twitter, or even this little blog right here.

I want to buy films so that I can spend some quality time with my dear dear Ms. LC-A.

I am starting to fall in love with a camera despite its small body packs a serious punch called the Diana Mini.

I finally met Gedek!

Here is a little something for you guys to enjoy.

Weezer - El Scorcho

Tutudu tutudu.

Generation Why


I think there is trouble up ahead.

A very big, menacing and scary problem that is just waiting to pounce on me the moment I get near it.

I need to make a plan fast!

A fool prove plan that can make me sidestep the trouble.

Oh here is another band you guys can check out. They are Kisschasy and they are from Australia.
So erm enjoy!

Kisschasy - Generation Why

Oh and jangan lupa untuk puasa! Jangan buat-buat jadi Ah Seng and Mutugasu!

Encik Aiman Haziq!


Seeeeelamat Hari Jadi!

Walaupun badan kau lagi besar tapi aku lagi tua!


Thanks for being an awesome friend!

Insyaallah nanti aku belanje kau air tembikai susu bazaar ramadhan nanti! 

Cicco Harhap


I swear to god this will be my last post till the SBP Trials end.

So yesterday Pia, Uncle, Farid, Lalan and I went to Ipoh to support Awang in his ICT quiz thingy (padahal bukan nak support sangat pon nak pegi Ipoh free je. Hahahahaha Awang aku melawak.) And after falling asleep quite the number of time while watching Awang answering the quiz on the stage, one of the urusetia came up to me and asked, "Adik dari MCkk kan? Ada masuk pertandingan ape-ape tak?". I who was caught by surprise + bored + sleepy answered, "Erm, tak kenape?". She then proceeds by answering this, " Ha jom masuk PC Essamble." To which I reply, "Erm saya tak reti nak pasang-pasang computer ni." To which both Uncle and Lalan said, "Ala masuk je mer. Kitorang ajar kau." 

So I registered my name and after about five minutes of Lalan's crash course on "How to Assemble the CPU of A PC" I was busying myself to fit in all the correct cable in to their socket before the time runs out. While doing this I was constantly bothered by the judge / timekeeper / Abang  technician who looks a lot like Cico Harhap. Here is some of his annoying comments to me:

C: Salah tuuuuu.
A: Salah Ape pulak dah?

C: Habis la terbakar CPU aku.
A: Shhh diam la.

A: Macam mane nak masuk ni bang? Besi dia bengkok!
C: Kalau tak bengkok pon kau tak boleh buat punya.

So as you guys could guess a lost. Oh well hahahahaha at least I got myself a cert and free trip to Ipoh.

I will remeber you Cicco Harhap!

I'm at the throat of the young and helpless


I fucking give up.

+44 - Lycanthrope



Me, Feqs and Farid were studying after lights off while sharing the light from a single table lamp when suddenly a bee came buzzing at our lamp. It was the third time that night a bee had come to buzz around at our lamp. (Two of them had been fiercely killed before that)

Feqs: Eh ada lagi la lebah!

Farid: Eh bunuh la doe!

Feqs: Dia taknak duduk diam. (While trying to squash the bee with his book)

Amer: Hish korang ni meh sini. (Taking my book and squashing the little menace into smithereens)

Farid: Dah brape dah malam ni lebah datang kacau kite?

Feqs: Dalam tiga kot.

Amer: Berani la diorang datang lagi. Aku bunuh semuaaaaargggghhhhhhh! Adoiiiiiiiiii! ( A bee had quietly stung me on a finger in my left foot)

Here is a video for you guys.

Enjoy lads and lassies

Angels & Airwaves - It Hurts

Sorry for the crappy video.

Straylight Run


Since the school's wireless isn't being block right now might as well I make full use of it.

So here goes another band that manage to grab my attention.

Enjoy boys and girls.

Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night



This post goes specially to Mr Ngku!

I am having my revenge!

Buat sial pasal aku dkt blog kau lagi!


Get ready people!

Semua orang! Ni Ngku time dia kecik-kecik lagi!


Comey tak?


Push it out fake a smile avert disaster just in time.


It was around 7-ish in the afternoon when I heard someone shout, "Yeaaaa aku tak kena PLKN!!!" Then Muqtasid came to me and said, "Amer! Jom check PLKN doh dah keluar nama sial" So me and Muqtasid pon check la. While waiting for the result me and Chamakh decided to lepak outside the dorm for a while. A couple of minutes after that suddenly my phone vibrated. So this is it I told myself. This is what the massage says:

RM0.20 PLKN:
(NO IC Aku)
terpilih menyertai
PLKN Siri7/2010

So thats it. I am going to be bald after the SPM. Great just great.



In a far far away land there live a guy name Thomas. Thomas was very talented in magic. In his village there was only two people who can do magic which is Thomas and another guy by the name of Travis. But neither of them ever do magic together.

One day, while Thomas was busy sorting out his magic book, he heard a knock on his door. So he quickly rush to the door to find his friend Mark. So he invites Mark inside and they chill for a bit.Mark told him that he was really interested in Magic and asks Thomas whether he could learn magic from him. Thomas was delighted to do so. Finally he has someone to do magic with him!

So Thomas taught Mark everything he knows about magic. Mark was a very quick learner and before he knows it he has manage to master the art of magic. Thomas was very delighted. He and Mark had a lot of fun time together doing magic. Everyday Mark would come by to Thomas' house where they will do magic together.

But days turn to weeks and then turn to months. Mark suddenly stops visiting Thomas. Thomas was very sad because his magic buddy never came by for a visit. Now Thomas has to do magic by himself again.

One day, while passing in front of Travis' house. He suddenly heard Mark's laughter. That is when he saw Travis and Mark having a great time doing magic together. Thomas was very sad that Mark has found someone else to do magic with him.

After that day Thomas can never do the same level of magic as he used to.

The End

Release tension



Shoop shoop, shoop de lang - a - lang


Today I made a new friend.

Meet Mr iMac guys!

He is going to make the school mag for me.


Darnit there goes another one


Oh I am mad with you! Yes you Mr Cristiano Ronaldo sir for turning your back on us United faithfuls. What is so fun there at Real Madrid there you are willing to give up on everything you have at United? The crowds at Old Trafford adores you man! The EPL is the best league in the world! Why would you want to downgrade yourself by playing at a lower standart league? United made you into the player that you are know. Screw you man! Pergilah nak main sangat dengan Kaka tu. I hope your time there will be fill with injuries.

P/s: Ignore me for a while. I am in a state of shock and despair right now.



Angels and Airwaves are releasing their own movie!
How cool is that?
A movie made by awesome rockers!

Get Your Own


Please watch the video first before you continue reading. (please ignore the stupid ads)

Okay I am not promoting and iPhone in my blog today. The video just reminds me of Koleq. You see back when I used to have my own guitar some of my friends would occasionally come up to me and asked me to lend my guitar to them. Being the nice guy that I was I would usually give it to them occasionally with the syarat that they play it in my dorm and put it back where it belongs. But sometimes, these guys would take my guitar to other places such as their dorms and after they were done playing they would either just leave it there or past it to someone else who in turn would also past to another guy and so on. So I when I asked the first guy where is my guitar he whould say "Oh aku bagi dekat (please insert a name here)". So I would spend a lot of my time going to one dorm to another to get my guitar back. Which is lebih kurang macam video dekat atas ni la. The same situation which would eventually be the end of my guitar.
The same thing happens with my friends who owns an iPod. Their iPod would occasionally be past around from one hand to another and their owners would have to spend less time listening to their iPod and more time keeping track of those little wonderful gadgets. I am not saying you cannot borrow other people's stuff but please nak pinjam tu buat la cara elok-elok. Kalau dia dah kata letak balik dekat tempat dia letak la balik. Kalau dia kata jangan pass dekat orang lain jangan la. Cuba kalau benda tu hilang. Boleh buat gaduh kot. Kalau nak passing-passing dekat orang lain beli sendiri.



A: Wei semalam kawan aku ada tanya pasal kau.
H: Tanya pasal aku?
A: A'ah.
H: Sape dia?
A: Adele.
H: Sape dia cakap la.
A: Adele.
H: Cakap la! Apa name dia?
A: Name dia Adele.
H: Oh.
A: Yep.


Here is another video for you guys to enjoy while I find something to write on.

Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure (Acoustic)

P/s: Kawan-kawan aku sume dah besar la skarang hahahahahah.

Guitar Kapok


I currently have no idea on what to write. Anyone please give me one!

So, I decide to share my music taste with you guys again!

Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man

Azmyl Yunor - Anak Dara

Well enjoy!

Budak Pendek Botak



Ngku Arif Adlan.

Happy Birthday!

Cepat-cepat tumbuh rambut!

Pinjam Olympus Trip kau boleh?

Bestnya baru Form4.

We Are The Champions


Manchester United champions again!
To all Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal fans keep on dreaming!

P/s: Come on Kedah! Potong la Selangor dengan Perlis tu!

Feeling This


Finally, a few days back Blink-182 had played their first ever show for the first time in four years!

Please excuse me I'm a Blink-182 enthusiast.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight


B: Ko dah habis class blom?

A: Dah.

B: C ada dengan kau tak?

A: Ada.

B: Suruh dia datang Zai Am.

A: Ok

B: Suruh dia cepat tau semua orang tengah tunggu.

I know when I am not wanted.


Here is a little something to ease of the exam tension.

21st Century Breakdown


Green Day's new album!
Ehem ehem
(hint hint)

Sharil Aizat


Selamat Hari Jadi ke-17!

Terima kasih kerana selalu bagi main computer free!

Pedulikan apa org kata!

Asalkan kau happy!



Its been a while since I shared my music with you guys so today I would like to share 3 awesome music videos from the pioneers of lo-fi music Sebadoh.

Sebadoh - Skull

Sebadoh - Rebound

Sebadoh - Willing to Wait


Encik Sloooooope!



Dah tua dah.
Thanks for being an awesome friend.
Thanks for listening to all my problems.
Thanks for all the stuff that you taught me.
Thanks for influencing some of my music taste.
Thanks for being you.
Should have been friends with you sooner.
Nanti kalau aku ada duit lebih aku belanja kau film satu roll.

p/s: Dian jaga dia elok-elok! Kasi tough sket! hahahahah

A day late, A buck short


Once upon a time there life a boy name Dolah. One day, Dolah receives a parcel. Inside the box contains a pink ball with red polka dots all over it. His friends would laugh at him everytime he played with the ball because of it's weird colour. But he doesn't care at least he is having fun. What his friends doesn't know is that the ball is extra bouncy which makes it really really fun to play with. Seing Dolah having such a good time with the ball, all of his friends suddenly decided that they too want to own one of the ball.


Ochin Balik!


Ochin please comeback home!
If you comeback I will tell Mak tu serve you with a big grilled fish!

Trade all your heroes in for ghost


Sometime after school in the teacher's room.

A: Erm cikgu, cikgu ada cd software Adobe tak? Sebab hari tu mac tu saya format balik hilang habis sume.

SH: ........

A: Ada tak cikgu?


A: Cikgu?

SH: Ha apa?

A couple of minutes after that.

F: Cikgu, cikgu tau tak mana Cikgu NH?

SH: .........

F: Cikgu?

SH: ........ (and walks away)

I think someone needs a new battery

Tyler Durden


I am never going thru that door again! Ever!
Oh no don't even think of forcing me. I'll bite you!
I just want to stand here where I belong.
It is much much safer here.

Come on Leman!


I was busy cracking my brain answering the add math work at the Medan Pelajar when I saw Teacher Lin walking towards the Sports House Ranking Board. She was holding a piece of paper in her hand and she started to move the numbers there. It seems the school has finally decided to update the board after such a long time. And the results are:

1st place: Mohd Shah House
2nd place: Idris House
3rd place: Ahmad House
4th place: Sulaiman House

Damn! Sulaiman got last place. It seems like we have to sweat our socks even more guys! Watch out Mohd Shah, Ahmad and Idris! We're going to catch up with you soon! Grr!



This is the crisis I knew had to come,
Destroying the balance I'd kept,
Turning around to the next set of lives,
Wondering what will come next.

-Joy Division's Passover-

Sweet sweet package


While i was hibernating trying to get back all the energy after my awesome trip to subang yesterday. Thank you to Farah, Epool, Chamakh and Diha for taking me to see your "Kampung Halaman" hahahah. I had a great time thanks to you guys. Okey back to the story, I was sleeping soundly when I was woken up by my dad. He woke me up and told me that a package had arrive for me. Finally! the package that I have been waiting for ages has arrive!

So i went downstairs and saw this pos laju box. I ripped the box open and found my sweet sweet LOMO L-CA camera inside. Well for you who didn't know, I bought the camera in Moscow while visiting my sister there. I managed to snap about 7-6 rolls of films before the camera suddenly the camera went berzerg on me. So me and my brother found this guy who knows a shop that can repair the camera. We met him up at lokin a flee market in Ipoh. So he sgreed to help us. Since then I been waiting for the camera to be fix.

My name incorrectly spelled.

A little massage from the fella.

Look out world!

My L-CA is back!

Whats my age again?


A lot of people at school are always taking things to seriously.
They are always saying grow up and be more matured and stuff.
What they don't see is how fun it is to act like normal teenagers.
Bila lagi kita boleh jadi budak-budak wei?
Masa muda-muda la nak buat benda pelik-pelik pon.

They should seriously hear this song:

Blink 182 - Whats my age again?

I took her out 
It was a friday night
I wore cologne to get the feeling right 

We started making out
And she took off my pants
But then I turned on the TV 

And that's about the time she walked away from me
Nobody likes you when you're 23
And I'm still more amused by TV shows
What the hell is ADD? 
My friends say I should act my age 
What's my age again? what's my age again? 

But later on
On the drive home
I called her mom from a pay phone 

I said I was the cops 
And your husbands in jail
The state looks down on sodomy 

And that's about the time that b*tch hung up on me
Nobody likes you when you're 23
And I'm still more amused by prank phone calls
What the hell is call I.D.?
My friends say I should act my age
What's my age again? what's my age again? 

And that's about the time she walked away from me
Nobody likes you when you're 23
And you still act like you're in freshman year
What the hell is wrong with me? 
My friends say I should act my age 
What's my age again? (what's my age again?) 

That's about the time that she broke up with me
No one should take themselves so seriously
With many years ahead to fall in love
Why would you wish down on me
I never want to act my age
What's my age again? what's my age again? 

What's my age again?


p/s: Epool jgn kutuk lagu aku. Diam sudah.

Earth Hour


This 28th march we are asked to close all of our lights from 8.30pm till 9.30pm in conjunction with Earth Hour. Earth Hour gives you the chance to use your light switch for voting. If you close your lights the you will be voting for Earth. If you leave it open then you are voting for global warming. So? Who are you voting for?



Nak dengar cerita?
Nak tak?
Dengar jelah tak payah bising-bising.

Okey cerita dia macam ni. Satu masa dulu, masa tu 2005 kot. Ada sorang budak ni dia duduk tension buat homework science dia yang tak siap lagi. Mari kita panggil dia A. Kalau nak diikutkan memang takkan siap la sebab lepas tu dah masa science dah. Pastu tengah dia semangat semangat buat tu dengan penuh ketekunan tiba-tiba adala sorang member dia duduk nyayi. Kita panggil dia S. S masa tu tengah menyayi lagu Peterpan. Kalau sedap tak pe la gak. Ni tak suara macam ada kuda terlekat dekat tekak. Cuba korang bayangkan betapa pedihnya telinga A time tu. So A pon sound la S ni, “Woi diam la S, bising la!”. S ni lak jenis tak dengar cakap. Dia pon imitate balik apa yang A cakap dengan nada yang sungguh menyakit hati. So A pon sound la lagi. S pulak imitate balik A sound lagi. S imitate lagi. Ada la kot benda ni ulang-ulang dalam 2-3 minit. So, A ni jadi bengang la. Dia pon bangun dari kerusi and dia pon pegi dekat S. Dia pon tolak la S ni. S pulak bengang sebab hilang macho kena tolak dengan budak saiz lagi kecik dari dia. So dia tolak la A balik. A tak tau kenapa maybe sebab tengah emo time tu kot, dia tiba amek satu pen Kilometrico warna biru pastu dia pegi dekat S. Masa tu S dah mula cuak dah. A pon cucuk S dekat blakang leher dia and then lepas tu dia cucuk lagi tapi kali ni dekat perut lak. S pon terduduk atas kerusi. Tiba-tiba S menjerit, “Arghhh!!!! A tikam aku! Darah! Aku nak mati!”. Time tu semua orang dah start glabah dah. Yela sapa tak glabah kan member kena cucuk sampai darah. Pastu adala member-member si S ni pegi tengok dia. Ada sorang tu kita panggil dia L. Dia cakap “A! Ni kes polis ni!”. A pon mula la cuak nak mampos sebab takut kena buang skolah and kena masuk Henry Gurney. Padahal bukan apa sangat pon luka kecik je. Budak-budak kelas tu pegi bangang bagitau sorang ustad ni. Ustad ni pulak pegi bagitau cikgu kelas A. Lepas hari tu A duduk kena ceramah dengan cikgu kelas dia tentang cara-cara mengawal emosi sampai la habis tahun tu. Mula-mula S taknak tegur A dah. Tapi si A ni dia pandai memujuk dan guna ayat manis-manis yang kalau awek-awek dengar konfem diorang cair. So S dengan A pon jadi kawan la balik. Tapi yang kesian nya A la sebab ustad tu bahan dia sampai skarang.


Amigos para siempre


Tears in my eyes.

Meet Kimal.
Kimal is going to be sent away.
Far far away.
He is being sent away because he stands up for what he believe in.
He is being sent away because he fights for his rights.
He is being sent away because he was being a good elder brother to the juniors.
He is being sent away because he was brave.
He is being sent away because he was being a good friend.
Kimal we love you!
Amigos para siempre!

Please stop picking on my friends one by one.

Apa kata


Koleq Class of 2009,

Since a lot of us now have their own blog, I would like to propose a blog for our batch where you can write articles, up coming event like makan-makan dekat rumah korang ke, birthday parties and so on. We could also use the blog to communicate which each other when some of us smarty pants get to go overseas and stuff. So how about it? What say you? Nak tak?

21st December 2012



Last Wednesday Kimal gave a "Good to Talk" speech on Doomsday. He said that according to the Mayan Calender doomsday would happen on the 21st December of 2012. So being the wikipedia nerd that I am I decided to check on this so called end of the world prediction.

According to the Mayan Astronomers on that date there would be a rare star arrangement that would make us go on a physical and spiritual change which some Mayan Researchers translates as the Apocalypse. Some scientist have also said that the period of climate stablity in earth have also coming to an end which will result in drastic climate change that would not be suitable with us. On other front, solar physicist also predicted that a massive sunspot explosion will occur in either 2011 or 2012 which will produce solar flares that would be powerful enough to cause a lot of damage to earth. Oh almost forgot, I also checked the calender and do you know what 21st December 2012 is on a Friday!!!! Gulp.

Jeng jeng jeng. There are still way to many stuff that I haven't done and see!



Just when i was about to let myself free and get out.
They pull me back in.

Excuse me up there. Hey have you guys been in these situation?

T: Amir, what is the meaning of monomer?
A: Erm.... erm.....
T: Tau ke tak?
A: Tak.
T: Lain kali cakap awal-awal takde la bazir masa.

Another day, another time with the same teacher.

T: Amir, in which family does the carboxylic acid is located?
A: Tak tau cikgu.
T: Eh boleh dia cakap macam tu? Usaha la sikit cari dulu jawapan!
A: Hmm.

Okey seriously what does she want me to answer? Grr.




The above word currently describe how i feel.



Ehem ehem,
I lost, 
Good luck to the other guy in handling all the MCSU stuff.

To everyone that voted for me thanks for the support!
We tried our best.

Of future letter and school politics


Got my F5's future letter a couple of day ago. For those of you who don't know we wrote two letters when we were in F1. One for our self when we were in F3 and one for when we were in F5. The letter contains hopes and aims that we set when we were in F1. It saddens me to say that I got 5 things on my list that I didn't manage to complete. Haih the younger me would surely be disappointed with my current self.

On a brighter side of things, this year I'll be competing in the MCSU election (again)! I'm gunning for the treasurer post this year which I hope I can win despite the strong competition I have with Shuhaib. Last night, me, Aup, Epool and Bino went to the Form 1 classes to promote ourself and I was quite please with the fact that a lot of them seem to know who I am! hahaha

So, why don't all of you go and sembahyang hajat for me. hahaha

Hiatus no more!


"At the 51st anual Grammy Award ceremony on February 8, 2009, all three members of the band appeared onstage for the first time since their breakup. Barker announced the band's reformation stating, "We used to play music together, and we decided we're going to play music together again" with Hoppus adding "Blink-182 is back!" A message appearing on the band's website the same day confirmed the reformation and added that the band are in the studio writing and recording a new album and preparing to tour again."


Someone pinch me I must be dreaming!
Even yet pour a bucket of water on my head!



Oh how I wish Ustaz Latib's rotan would burst into flames.
Maybe that would stop him from causing all those irritating noise on those beautiful morning.


All the clock in his house would suddenly stop working.
Maybe that would make him come late for a change.



In the midst of chaos all you did was sit back and relax while indulging that very tasty cup of coffee.
And you call yourself a leader?
Shame on you, shame on you.....

The Mischievous Chapang


(gamba cover telinga)

Mr Adi Adzfar.
Happy 17th birthday.
Thanks for being a good friend.
If nak kena telur & tepung suruh Epool blanja eh?
Kalau aku ada duit lebih aku blanja kau film satu.
Amigos Para Siempre!

Going off again


February is here! Which means that I have to go back to school again. Thanks to everyone who has spend time with me this school break Fizy, Raja, Izaat, Feqs n Aleya, Feqs again, Haziq n Dina, Feqs Again, Dian, Epool and Chumi really appreciate it. Need to be more serious now. No more funny stuff in class (I hope). Need to try and listen to the teacher!

Until later folks maybe when I can get an Internet connection there.

What do you wish to happen at the end of today?


So, whats your answer?

I am a social outcast


Being bored and facing a sudden drought of ideas for the class of 09's crest I decided to surf the net oping to find something that would interest myself. While browsing thru Macbeth's website looking at their shoes that I wish I could have I found some really nice bands at their band section thingy.
Here are some of it:

Good Old War - Coney Island

Meg & Dia - Masterpiece

Enjoy guys.

Should you?


If you feel that you could do something should you do it even if it increase your workload? Or should you decline it even though someone believes you could do it? What do you think? Should you or should you not do it?

"When you look at your life, in a strange new room,
maybe drowning soon, is this the start of it all?"
-Ian Kevin Curtis-

Then & Now


Before any of you read this post it is hope that you will open your mind and please do not be quick to judge me or my friends.


I was in Form 3. It was a norm for us 3rd former to be asked by the form fives to help them with some favor such as.

"Amer! Esok ko beli sos. Aku nak sos cili thai Kimball yang besar dengan kicap sebotol."


"Amer Arip! Nah amek jug ni isi air penuh-penuh."


"F3! Nah ko amek tray aku pegi isi kuah dkt blakang tu."

We would follow this orders without questioning the seniors. For us it was something which everyone has to face in Koleq. It was like some sort of "ride of passage" or something similar to that. We did not tell the teachers or anything because we knew that when they were in Form 3 they to face the same hardship. We knew one day we would do the same too to our juniors.


I am in form 5. The Form 3s are a bunch of sissies. Last week some friends of mine was asked by a teacher to stop asking the juniors to fill the jug. He told them:

"Form 5, saya tak nak lagi dah kamu suruh budak Form 3 isi air dengan ambik kuah untuk kamu! Diorang suma komplen dekat saya sampai ada yang tak nak makan dekat sini dah"

We were like what? Diorang report? Apa report-report ni? Apsal tak cakap sendiri? and the list goes on and on. Ish ish ish. My dear juniors, why are you making your own life miserable? If now you don't face these hardship by the time you are in Form 5 your life would be boring and dull. These favors that we ask you to do are going to be memories that you would look back and laught at. We have nothing more to say to you guys. You guys really disappoint us.

The Guy With Sarcasm That Kills


Mr Hafidzi Razali. Thanks for all those sarcasm comments and all those brainy information that you gave me (complete with facts & percentage!). It has been about how many years we were buds? 8 years if I am not mistaken. Hope we could be friends till we have grandchildren! Oh oh say hi to NAS for me hehehehe. So:

Happy Birthday!

p/s: Nanti dah ada lesen jangan segan-segan nak jadi driver aku!

The One Eyebrow Person


Dear Buddy Dumdum. Even though your mood swings are like hell you are still an awesome pal. I am very very very jealous of you because even went you sleep in the class you still come out on top. Thanks for all the stuff you did for me!

Selamat Hari Jadi, Cepat-cepat Tumbuh Gigi!

Happy Birthday Class Of 2009!


Happy Birthday Class Of 2009!

It felt as if was only yesterday that we first met.
We have been living together for four years now.
Thanks for being there for me.
You guys are a fun lot to be with.

Heading Back To Kuale


I'll be going back to Kuala Kangsar tomorrow.

Wait wait don't cry! hahahaha

I'm not going to stop writing. 

Just expect lesser postings from me that's all.

Until another time folks!