What do you wish to happen at the end of today?


So, whats your answer?

I am a social outcast


Being bored and facing a sudden drought of ideas for the class of 09's crest I decided to surf the net oping to find something that would interest myself. While browsing thru Macbeth's website looking at their shoes that I wish I could have I found some really nice bands at their band section thingy.
Here are some of it:

Good Old War - Coney Island

Meg & Dia - Masterpiece

Enjoy guys.

Should you?


If you feel that you could do something should you do it even if it increase your workload? Or should you decline it even though someone believes you could do it? What do you think? Should you or should you not do it?

"When you look at your life, in a strange new room,
maybe drowning soon, is this the start of it all?"
-Ian Kevin Curtis-

Then & Now


Before any of you read this post it is hope that you will open your mind and please do not be quick to judge me or my friends.


I was in Form 3. It was a norm for us 3rd former to be asked by the form fives to help them with some favor such as.

"Amer! Esok ko beli sos. Aku nak sos cili thai Kimball yang besar dengan kicap sebotol."


"Amer Arip! Nah amek jug ni isi air penuh-penuh."


"F3! Nah ko amek tray aku pegi isi kuah dkt blakang tu."

We would follow this orders without questioning the seniors. For us it was something which everyone has to face in Koleq. It was like some sort of "ride of passage" or something similar to that. We did not tell the teachers or anything because we knew that when they were in Form 3 they to face the same hardship. We knew one day we would do the same too to our juniors.


I am in form 5. The Form 3s are a bunch of sissies. Last week some friends of mine was asked by a teacher to stop asking the juniors to fill the jug. He told them:

"Form 5, saya tak nak lagi dah kamu suruh budak Form 3 isi air dengan ambik kuah untuk kamu! Diorang suma komplen dekat saya sampai ada yang tak nak makan dekat sini dah"

We were like what? Diorang report? Apa report-report ni? Apsal tak cakap sendiri? and the list goes on and on. Ish ish ish. My dear juniors, why are you making your own life miserable? If now you don't face these hardship by the time you are in Form 5 your life would be boring and dull. These favors that we ask you to do are going to be memories that you would look back and laught at. We have nothing more to say to you guys. You guys really disappoint us.

The Guy With Sarcasm That Kills


Mr Hafidzi Razali. Thanks for all those sarcasm comments and all those brainy information that you gave me (complete with facts & percentage!). It has been about how many years we were buds? 8 years if I am not mistaken. Hope we could be friends till we have grandchildren! Oh oh say hi to NAS for me hehehehe. So:

Happy Birthday!

p/s: Nanti dah ada lesen jangan segan-segan nak jadi driver aku!

The One Eyebrow Person


Dear Buddy Dumdum. Even though your mood swings are like hell you are still an awesome pal. I am very very very jealous of you because even went you sleep in the class you still come out on top. Thanks for all the stuff you did for me!

Selamat Hari Jadi, Cepat-cepat Tumbuh Gigi!

Happy Birthday Class Of 2009!


Happy Birthday Class Of 2009!

It felt as if was only yesterday that we first met.
We have been living together for four years now.
Thanks for being there for me.
You guys are a fun lot to be with.

Heading Back To Kuale


I'll be going back to Kuala Kangsar tomorrow.

Wait wait don't cry! hahahaha

I'm not going to stop writing. 

Just expect lesser postings from me that's all.

Until another time folks!