Happy New Year!


2008 oh what a year it was! I personally think 2008 was the year that I change a lot being more matured and more responsible of my actions. I made new friends, reconnected with old buddies, tried new things, learnt some lesson of life, got interested in Lomography, went to Russia and the list goes on. If I some scientist would invent a time machine 10 years from now and he would let me use it, 2008 will be one of the years that i would travel too.

Right now all I can think about 2009 is, Form 5 and SPM. It feels just like if it was yesterday when I first step myself into Koleq and now suddenly I am about to be come a Fifth Former! The Abang-abang who the juniors are force to give salams to went passing. The guys who gave out orders to the juniors. The guys... oh you get the point. I can already guess what the headmaster would say on the first day assembly, It will go something like this:

"Result Diognostic F5 tahun ini tidak memberansangkan ya. Mungkin kamu semua ingat kamu sudah bagus dan banyak bermain-main waktu kamu F4 tahun lepas. Kamu mesti bukti kan kepada kami bla bla bla bla......"

Darn it old man! Never proud of what we achived! Always wanted more! Oh well. Oh yeah since 2009 would be the year I would be taking the SPM, I am predicting tonnes of handouts, countless of homework, those late hours that I would spent studying and uncountable lectures from the teachers about my future and how hard the life after school if I didn't do well in the SPM. 

As for my new year resolution. Well I have choosen not to tell anyone about it because of some personal reasons.

So, Adios 2008 and Hola 2009!

Happy New Year Guys!

Cockney accent


Some people tend to think that they are much superior from others just because they spend a couple of years overseas. They would constantly say thinks like "Oh When I was in the UK we did thinks better!" or "If I were in UK they would handle things like this..." even this " Malaysia sucks compare to UK!". Oh oh they would also speak in English with an accent as in to show off to other people that the had been living overseas for a year or two. Heck they even spell bother  like this: bovver. I mean come on!

Sure Malaysia may lack a few things compared to the UK but hey! it is still your country! We should be proud of it as it is. At least we are warm and sunny unlike England which is dark, cold and gloomy. Oh yeah about those accent, it don't know what are your reasons of talking like that(but I do have a few ideas why) but please la try la went in Malaysia speak normally it would be easier for people to understand you. Oh yeah stop hanging out with your "Malaysian who went to overseas for a couple of years" Group all the time. Go on an mingle with other people because there are a lot of things you might learn. Stop acting like some Brit and start acting like a Malaysian!

P/s: not all of them are act like these only a minority of them some are really awesome and nice as a matter of fact.

Hello Sunshine!


Say hello to these Ipoh Rockers!

Meet Muck lads!

Muck - Hello Sunshine

Soooooo cool!

Once apon a time


Today I saw a bunch of small kids taking the LRT for the first time. They were busy runing from side to side looking out through the window and constantly asking their mother with questions like"what does that thing do?" and "why is that man holding that?" and some others.

Ah I remember my first time taking the lrt. It was way back in 1998 if I'm not mistaken my late Tokwan took me, my sister, my brother, and my cousins on our first lrt trip from Kelana Jaya (back then I still live in Kelana Jaya) to Dang Wangi. We had a whale of a time riding the lrt. We were practically amaze with the lrt because it does not have a driver! hahahahaha good times good times.

Wish I have a time machine to go back then.

Hey ho oh no!


ring ring..... ring ring........

me: Hello?
caller: Hello ah. Is this Amer Arif ah?
me: Yup thats me. Who is this?
caller: I'm from YL Camera Service.
me: Oh yeah! Is my camera ready yet?
caller: Your Nomo NKA ah cannot be repair one.
me: Oh I see.
caller: You can take it back now la.
me: Oh ok. I'll pick it up later.
caller: Ok aa. Thank you. Bye.
me: Bye.

Dammit! Now I have two broken Lomo cams! Seems like I have to send it to Kak Hanan all way to Russia after all or maybe I should just buy a new one? (Oh the temptation!) Or maybe I'll borrow one from Feqs!

I think those lomo guys who manufactured the cameras hate me.



Check out The All-American Rejects playing a cover of Britney Spears' Womanizer!


A long time ago


A long time ago....
When I was about five year or so, my day to day clothes would be t-shirts from Kiki Lala, Ladybird and Kiko. Now days I see little kids wearing clothes from Gap, Nike and etc. Heck, I won't be surprise by the time I have kids Topman will have outfits for kids too. 

A long time ago....
When I was in standard one or somewhere that age. All the shoes that I have were from bubblegummers. Try strolling in the mall right now and you could find little kids wearing small sizes Adidas and Nike shoes. I wonder if Macbeth would someday sell shoes for kids too.

A long time ago....
It was went I was in standard six that I got my first handphone and that was because it was easier for me to call my folks since they went to haj. Now I can see kids as young as standard two sms-ing with their friends. I am predicting babies will have their own handphone by the time I got a job.

The future is so materialistic that it gave me the goosebumps.

Wah! Oooo! Ahhh!


Terima Kasih dekat Estrella, Bunkface, Republic of Brickfields, Pure Vibration, They Will Kill Us All, Komplot, OAG, One Buck Short and Butterfingers sebab entertain aku hari ni.

Walaupon time OAG tu aku tak dengaq sangat sebab tolong Fizy cari wallet dia yang hilang. Kesian dia tula aku dah habaq dah bubuh wallet dkt poket depan tapi daq! NAk jugak belagak macho letak dekat blakang.

Terima kasih kat kawan-kawan yang lepak dengan aku skali dekat Rock The World.

Walaupon aku takdaq chan lagi nak mosh dekat Glastonbury tapi Rock The World pon jadi la.



Shit! Shit! Shit!



Lady 1: My husband wants my son to go to a boarding school.
Lady 2: Really?
Lady 1: Yeah, but i don't want him to go la you know with all the ragging and stuff. At least here I  know what he is doing unlike there.
Lady 2: True true, How many times ah they get to come back home?
Lady 1: Two times a week.
Lady 2: Thats bullshit!
Lady 1: Yes I totally agree!

A conversation I over heard in the komuter.
Well I'm afraid I have to disagree with them.
First of all, the ragging and the bullying in boarding school are very low nowdays heck you can't even asked a junior to take a glass of water anymore without being scolded by the teachers nowdays. Besides ragging really toughen the kids based on my views la.

Ok moving on, sure you might not know what your child is up to there. But hey people if you don't know we have wardens in hostels who will watch over your child for you. Other than that, living in a school compound and only be able to go out once a week reduce your kids chances to d a lot of stupid things.

Ok moving on again, it won't be called a bording school if your child get to go back every week. Come on let them feelhow it is being far away from their parents. It might do them some good you know. They become more independent with themself.

So people please let them try it out first its not that bad like you think. If they don't like it only then you get them out.

Mamat Aussie, LC-A & Control


Well it seems like my dear LC-A cannot be repaired by me or my brother. I had to sent  it to a shop to get it repaired. So, off I went to Plaza pudu with Feqs (mamat baru balik dari Australia) today.Before that we went to the Pavilion first because I wanted to get myself a ticket for Rock The World. First we went to Keat Camera and asked the counter guy if they can fix the cam. But, unfortunately they do not want to take the risk since they now nothing about lomo cameras. Then We went to this shop which sells like berdozen-dozen second-hand Nikon DSLR! Luckily these chaps were willing to operate my dear old LC-A. 

So after filling some papers we headed straight back to Pavilion. On our way there we visited the dolls store which to my greatest excitement I manage to score Anton Corbijn's Control movie after months of waiting! Control is a documentary/movie that centers on the life and death of the enigmatic lead singer of Joy Division, Ian Curtis. So after that we went to see the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still a movie which we came in 30 minutes late because my watch was going coocoo. The movie was alrite but it would be really nice if I had Klaatu's power. So then we had our late lunch and stroll around some more meeting Zafiq along the way. About six pm we both we really tired and decided to go home.



Why to dogs in Malaysia have to be so jakun with people? Always barking madly at people passing by. Even went I am 16 feet away from them! Why can't they be more like the dogs I watched in the tv. All friendly nice, and only bother the mailman. But no, they have to bark at you at first sight and try to chop off your hand went you want to past something to their owners! Do I look like I am a guy that pecah masuk rumah orang? Listen here doggie! Aku tak nak pecah masuk rumah kau pon! Kalau rumah kau tu best takpe la gak!

A wise person once said if you said "kitmir" to a barking dog with confidence it will stop. Well, to tell you the truth it works! (sometimes la, tapi tak payah la duduk menggatai tiap-tiap hari nak pg kacau anjing tu sebab nak test). But I prefer throwing a big chunk of rock better.

One more time I hear you guys barking at me I swear I am going to kick your doggie butts! (and then run away)

Mai Degaq!


Meet Wani Ardy people!
And listen to her tunes!

Wani Ardy - Teori Lucu

Wani Ardy - Knock Knock Wonderment

Rad kan!
Comey pon comey.

Berjalan Sampai Lebam!


Warning! the posting below is written in the northern dialect

Keluaq jalan-jalan dengan Fizy, Raja dengan Izaat.
Izaat dah kuruih.
Fizy nak pi Converse wearhouse sale.
Fizy shopping sakan.
Aku tak daq saiz.
Jumpaq Dian dengan kawan-kawan dia.
Pi klcc.
Makan Nasi Kandaq.
Pi Rantai sat.
Beli filem redscale.
Fizy nak pi pcfair sat nak pi beli apa tah.
Teman Raja bagi kertaih Addmath dekat kawan dia.
Fizy dgn Izaat nak pi Sungai Wang nak tengok baju.
Fizy shopping sakan lagi. (banyak sungguh nah duit dia?)
Terserempak dengan Ayub.
Dia nak kerja dkt GSC. (boleh mintak tiket free hehehe)
Nak pi jumpaq Epool dengan Chamakh sat.
Fizy dengan Izaat nak balik.
Jalan pi klcc.
Jumpaq Epool dengan Chamakh.
Chamakh nampak smart hari ni.
Pi Nasi Kandaq Pelita lagi.
Pi Rantai balik.
Tiba-tiba Izaat mai balik.
Dia tak jadi balik.
Dengaq band minah pakai baju kurung (lupa nama band) dengan lightcraft.
Nak balik.
Pi stesen Ampang Park.
Sampai Sentral naik komuter.
Sampai Rawang naik cab.
Cab cekeq darah.
Sampai rumah kaki sakit.

LC-A Operation Failed


Apart from my curse of not being able to watch Man Utd playing I think I have yet another curse. This new one is about Lomo camera. I seem to have trouble with every Lomo cameras that I own. My first one which was a Supersampler Dalek Edition broke just after 12 shots!(stupid fragile thing). While my 1988 LC-A has cause me some problems such as the shutter sometimes won't open and now there is something wrong with the film forwarding thingy. So I asked my bother about this and he suggested me to open the back cover and try tweaking with it.

So, being desperate since I really wanted to use the camera I opened it and tried to figure out what was wrong. Being the dimwit that I am I forgot to asked him what to do once I opened the cover! So I had to call him. I didn't quite understand his instruction because I lack some imaginary qualities needed. After a couple of minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong I finally gave up and decided to wait for my brother to come home and help me out.

I hated when stuff like this happen to me. Hish!

McAlister Road


123 McAlister Rd

Jalan McAlister, Penang
7 December 2008

To see more pictures by me kindly click here



Check out this video which I got from Baang's Blog

The Matrix Runs On Windows



My little cousins came by to my house a few weeks ago and they were watching Spongebob on tv9 which is in Bahasa Malaysia and it got me thinking. 

When I was a kid I used to learn a lot of new words by watching cartoons. I dare to say that I have learned more words and phrases from cartoon than any other storybooks. Every time when I heard the characters said a word that I had never heard before I would quickly rush to the kitchen where my mom was and asked her the meaning of the particular word/phrases.  So these English speaking cartoons make learning new vocab fun for me.

 So since tv9 have change these cartoon from English to BM I find it as purely entertainment as the kids watching them cannot learn any English words or learn to speak English. So I think these cartoons in BM is not very beneficial and is just one of the tv9 scheme to get a higher viewer rating.

P/s: Spongebob's voice in BM is weird.

Rock The World!


Jom Pegi!

One Nine Nine Four


One Nine Nine Four is a documentary exploring the birth, growth and eventual tipping point of punk rock during the 90's. The film is narrated by skateboarder Tony Hawk and features interviews and footage of various bands and figures in the punk scene including Dexter Holland from The Offspring, Tim Armstrong from Rancid and Fat Mike from NOFX. Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 also appear in the film. I really want to see this film.

So what!


pal     : Amer meet xxx.
me : Hi!
xxx  : Hello. You duduk mane?
me : I duduk Rawang.
xxx  : Oh (in somewhat disappointed tone)

This conversation took place about sometime ago. I will usually get that "oh" when meeting new people. But the question is what is wrong with living in Rawang?! Come on tell me! Sure it might be far away from those oh so big malls near your houses but at least the road in front of my house isn't some big road that usually jam every peak hours! Besides it is my house not yours! Plus, there is a KTM station here unlike some of your place where the only way of transportation is by bus or a cab! Where you live does not make you 'best' than other people! Do you here me! So please people, do not say oh went you ask others where they live.



This is a story about how I came to play the guitar and how I came to stop playing it (temporarily I hope). Well it started when I bought my humble guitar kapok circa early 2006 I think. Back then I did not even know any chords at all. So my brother printed a list of chords for me to learn which I tried to do which I eventually got bored (malasnya aku ni). 

Then in to 2007 Haziq came up to me and asked me if I wanted to learn to play the guitar with the form 5. So I said yeah sure. So i started to play again with some success. I learn a lot from those guys. Oh yeah we even got to play in the school concert which was really rad! I even took crash course classes during the school holidays from Mr Bong.

Then came this year 2008. My minat towards playing the guitar drops a little due to my envy towards my other friends who were simply too talented and better than me. So being the pemalas that I am my progress was really slow. Then came that unfortunate night went my guitar was confiscated by the warden. Tisk tisk since than I became more malas to play the guitar.

I think if were a little bit rajin I might just end up as good as this guys! (yeah right)

 Tom Delonge of Angels And Airwaves

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys

A smack on the head


After some mindless hours of surfing the Internet last night I suddenly got a myspace comment from Weng. Apparently Weng somehow manage to get the results of everyone. So he told me mine.It was like a smack on the head for my meteoric educational career. I would considered it to be bad but it could get worst. Luckily for me I got to be in 5 Sc 2 next year (insyaallah). So I will be in the company  of smart people again haha!

Ok since next year is SPM year I think I need to hit the books and focus a hell lot more in class since this year I have been playing a bit in class (just a bit) and busy doing other stuff. Oh yeah! I also really need to improve my karangan since Mr Azmi always said that my karangan is like karangan F3 (between you and me, I think he hates me hahahahahah).

Until later folks!
Now where is that darn physics book.



I think my curse is real. For those of you who do not know, I have a curse when every time I watched Manchester United play they will end up losing or just manage a draw. Lets take some examples to prove my theories. Last week, Man utd versus Stoke City a game which I could not watch because I had to go back to Kelantan for my Aunty's weeding. In this game Man utd manage to beat Stoke with a marvelous 5 - nil victory with Ronaldo scoring two on free kicks.

Ok fast forward to today morning, I got to watch Man utd playing against Aston Villa. Aston Villa managed to stop everything that was thrown by Ronaldo and his pals. Both Rooney and Teves who were berat and karat respectively could not even scare the Villa keeper thanks to their solid defence. And the absence of some of United's midfielders made it hard for them to control the game. Luckly, Ferdinand and Vidic were in great form and were able to hold off the pacey Agbonlahor. The match ended nil - nil.

Why oh why did this thing happen to me? Argh!

Meet The Changcuters!


Check out this really cool band from Indonesia!

The Changcuters - I Love U, Bibeh

Biar kata nenek sihir
Bagiku kau Britney Spears
I love you., Bibeh

Biar kata mirip buaya
Bagiku Luna Maya
I love you., Bibeh

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... untukmu... 

Biar kata kau musibah
Bagiku kau anugrah
I love you., Bibeh

Biar orang berkata apa
Bagiku kau segalanya
I love you., Bibeh

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... untukmu... 

I love you., Bibeh
I love you., Bibeh
I love you., Bibeh

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... 

Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang ini hanya untukmu
Untukmu... untukmu... untukmu...

Huhahuha one


Today I went out with Feqs to survey the prices of second-hand D40 which he was been dying to own. Feqs who has been saving money and selling some of his worldly possessions manage to save up to RM900+ was very excited and can't stop jabbering on what his going to do when he owns the DSLR.

I met him at KLCC after a surprisingly smooth journey on the komuter. After he said goodbye to his girlfriend, we were off to Plaza Pudu. Since both of us had never been to Plaza Pudu before I had asked my brother to draw us a map. So we followed the map. Halfway thru our journey it started to rain a little bit. Being the carefree guys that we were, we continue walking regardless of the rain.

After sometime walking and trying to avoid the rain we finally arive at Plaza Pudu. We asked all the camera shop there if they have any second-hand D40 in stock but unfortunately non of the store there have them. But there was this one shop which sold other second-hand nikon. Its called YL something. So we strolled around some more and I found this one shop that sell Fuji Sensia Slide Film! Just what I have been looking for. So I bought one roll since money is hard to come by this days.

Outside the rain still haven't stopped. So we loitered around some more until the rain starts to stop. So we continue walking back. This is when Feqs suddenly spotted a camera shop across the street. So we crossed the road after many near misses of getting water puddle sprayed on us by passing cars. To our luck they have one of those babys in stock. It was still in good condition and the price offered was also not bad la. So we got out after Feqs promised to come back again tomorrow with the cash. There was an extra spring in his steps on our way back.

So after that we had lunch/tea and both of us went back to our houses after a very very tired day. I got home on the usual packed komuter as always. Fuhh!

Zaman Dahulu Kala


Setelah mendengar kisah happy dan sedih budak-budak yang amek result UPSR tahun ni, Aku teringat la mase aku amek result gak dulu.

Aku pegi skolah pinjam handphone mak aku(zaman-zaman xde fon dulu). Mcm biase lepak, lari-lari, kacau orang, kene kacau balik. Pastu dah dkt nk tgh hari mcm tu cikgu kelas aku, Cikgu Halim kot, panggil kitorang sume masuk dalam lab(nape die pilih lab pon aku x tau). So die pon start bace satu-satu nama. Sorang-sorang dapat result. Aku pon tunggu lama gak la sampai nama aku kene panggil. Pastu nama aku pon kene la panggil. 5A fuhh lega! Time tu Cikgu Sharifah ada skali dalam lab. Die tengah senyum-senyum.

So aku pon bagitau la Mak aku. Hurahuray! Pastu dua tiga empat lima hari lepas tu aku pegi rumah Fizy. Saja lepak-lepak sambil bermain Fifa 2004 dengan die. Tiba-tiba Fizy bagitau dekat aku yg dia ada pegi rumah sorang member aku lagi satu ni and mak member aku ni ada tanya sapa yang dapat 5A. So die pon bagi la tau. Fizy cakap aku dpat 5A and pastu mak member aku ni ckp,

Amir Arif dpat lima A? Tak sangka Aunty!

Aku dengar fizy cerita benda tu dekat aku rase macam gila la. Selama ni aku ingat kau baik. Rupanya dia ingat aku bengap, x pandai. Aku tau la aku x sehebat cam anak dia. X penah dapat no 1 pon tapi xyah la hina aku sampai macam tu.

Gila la bila teringat balik.

Dance to Joy Division


I was bored so I decided to share a video with you guys!

Joy Division-Transmission

Radio, live transmission.
Radio, live transmission.

Listen to the silence, let it ring on.
Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun.
We would have a fine time living in the night,
Left to blind destruction,
Waiting for our sight.

And we would go on as though nothing was wrong.
And hide from these days we remained all alone.
Staying in the same place, just staying out the time.
Touching from a distance,
Further all the time.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.

Well I could call out when the going gets tough.
The things that we've learnt are no longer enough.
No language, just sound, that's all we need know, to synchronise
love to the beat of the show.

And we could dance.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.

School Pics 08


4 Science 1


Sulaiman House

U-16 Hockey



I have a problem. Like most teenage boys I have a favourite football team. Mine would be Manchester United. But the problem is I sort of have this curse where everytime I watched the Red Devils game they would either lose or just to scrap a draw. This curse started last season if  I am not mistaken. 

Lets take last Saturday for example, Man Utd vs Arsenal. The Red Devils were the favourite team to win considering Arsenal's long list of injuries. So me and a couple of my buddies (who all support Arse Wenger's team) sneaked out from the hostel to watch the game. Before we arrive at the mamak restaurant Barbatov manage to put the ball into the net but unfortunately he was offside which is a very good sign. A couple of minutes after I arrived at the mamak Samir Nasri scored the opening goal. He scored another one during second-half.

With another 20 minutes left suddenly the owner of the shop told us that he wanted to close the restaurant. So we got out and went to a nearby cc. After about 10 minutes at the cc suddenly a friend told me that United manage to score a goal thru substitute Rafael Da Silva (Aku belah baru nak score kan).

So, I am going to try my luck again to see if this curse is really true went United face second division outfit QPR. If they lose again I maybe have to mandi bunga or something. haha.

I don't like you!


I have a teacher by the name of Ms Shafaliza. I really really don't like her.

There are a reasons why I don't like her.

I'll give you some situations why I don't like her.

Situation 1

I was part of the committee for the MC Youth Development Summit thingy. Me and Feqs were assign to make the programme book. Which we gladly did. She was the boss for the summit thingy. So we made the programme book and took it to her one night (p/s we did it during our exam week). Guess what she did. She rejected it for mistakes not made by us like the putting the wrong timetable (we receive the timetable from her) and the wrong text (we also receive the text from her). It was 1.30 am when she told us to do it all over again and pass it up to her before we got back home the next day. What the hell! We got exams in the morning! So we stayed up very late (about 3ish in the morning). So after we finish our paper we quickly started our work. So Feqs straight went to the HM to show him the programme book since I was on my way back home then. The HM said it was okey and everything was fine. So after the school holidays we came back to koleq and we were told that the programme book was once again rejected by Shafaliza! We were very mad! Who was she to reject something that was approve by the HM!

Situation 2

It was the fiinal exam week. We were once again call on to make yet another programme book.
She does not even care if we had physics the day after that. While making the cover for the programme book she kept complaining about our design and insisted on using her ideas which is very 'cokia' for me and really not up to koleq's standard. So mak and abah if my physics is not that good it is not entirely my fault.

Situation 3

I finally have work without her. Which is the school's mag. Suddenly she came along and say she said she was in charge of the magazine's launching ceremony. I was very frustated. On the first meeting she rejected my idea and gave yet another one of her 'cokia' ideas. Okey la fine. Then she said she wanted to check the grammer on the mag. Turns out some of the grammer that she corrected were wrong! (and you called yourself an english teacher) So the ceremony went on. I can see the look of dissapointment on Tan Sri Megat's face went he launch the mag. He was clearly expecting something more grand from the budak koleq. Thaks a lot Shafaliza! Oh! almost forgot, the day after the ceremony Teacher Linda came to us and told us that someone has 'hasut' the HM by telling him that the mag is getting smaller and smaller each year. We found out that the 'penghasut' is non other than Shafaliza! Well for you info Shafaliza, this year mag isn't getting smaller but bigger! Haha kan dah segan!

Well those are some reasons why I dislike her.
I know it is wrong to hate a teacher but try working with her and you will see what I mean.

Free Love!


Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Nak pi tgk Free Love!
Tapi x boleh sbb x balik lagi.

Mighty Ducks Cup 2008


Yesterday I went to Manjong for the Mighty Ducks Cup (its a close hockey tournament for Budak Koleq organise by the old boys). We arrive at Manjong at about 9.00 am after a half an hour of riding the bus thru one of the most bumpy road that I have come across.After a short briefing by Abg Raf we had our breakfast. The old boys treated us with nasi lemak for breakfast and I thought to myself, "Gile sial makan nasi lemak! Nanti sure tak larat nak lari ni."

After breakfast we had the team photo shoot. My team consist of me, Holland(Captain of the u-16 team), O'oi(budak baru form 3), Syahmi(the Backbone of the form 2 team), Ashraf(x penah tengok turun training pon), and a form one name Tuan. Our first match was up against Asyif and Kwang's team. I played midfield during the first game but I was like kong gile (ni sume salah nasi lemak la ni) so I wasrn't able to support Holland all the time And our defence was unreliable because there was no one to conduct the line. So we lost 2-nil to them.

Our next game was against Maram and Farid's team which are considered one of the favourite in the tournament. So we were very nervous. I played as the leftback during this match and the defence manage to hold off everything they throw at us. We won 1-nil thanks to Holland.

Our third game was with Naim and Muizz's team. We were very confident to win this match. But the agility of Naim was way to much for our defence. We lost 2-1. Up to this point Holland was very frustrated.

The next game was boleh tahan senang la. We were up against Mate and Aiman's team. The offence were really good creating a lot of chances and the defence manage to stop all the other team's attempt.

After that we had our break. The old boy bought Kentuck for everyone and we were like, "What the hell? Bagi makan sedap-sedap ni pastu nak suruh orang lari-lari lak lepas tu." So we finally decide this was a conspiracy by the old boys to weaken us before they played us at the end of the tournament nanti.

Our last game was with Arip and Mungay's team. They prove to be better tha us in every aspects. Sadly we lost 3-1.

The result of the whole tournament was:

1st place: Asyif & Kwang's team
2nd place: Arip & Mungay's team
3rd place: Maram & Farid's team
4th place: Me & Holland's team
5th place: Naim & Muizz's team
Last place: Mate & Aiman's team

After the tournament we receives cool tees from the old boys and took some photos and we were of back to school. Wish I could join again next year.

Ever Wonder Why?


Ever wonder why all the sub-culture kids here in Malaysia are mostly Malays?
Ever wonder why most barbers here in Malaysia are Indians?
Ever wonder why the Chinese are good at Basketball?
Ever wonder why there is a London Phone Booth in Kuale?
Ever wonder why the 'Rock Kapak' is called 'Rock Kapak'?
Ever wonder why all of the 'orang tua-tua' sayings are mostly true?
Ever wonder why your parents gave you your name?

If you have the answers for the questions above, please kindly tell me.

Pesta Bola Merdeka


Tadi aku baru je habis tengok Pesta Bola Merdeka ( sewaktu teman-teman ku yang lain sedang menonton EPL) dimana Malaysia kalah penalty dengan Vietnam 6-5. Aku sebagai peminat bola sepak serta pengkritik wannabe ingin memberi sedikit kritikan tentang game hari ni.

First of all, aku tengok dua-dua belah pihak tidak mempunyai semangat junag yang cukup. Secondly, aku tengok dua-dua team cam penat giler mase extra-time tu. Ini nama nya kurang stamina la.

Ok, pastu time penalty lak, keeper Malaysia memang x hebat kalau nak dibandingkan dengan keeper Vietnam la. Pastu dari segi pemilihan kickers penalty Malaysia itu sendiri. Yang dua first tu okey la diorang memang ada finishing. But after 2 orang tu, Malaysia bagi defender sepak. Memang tak la. Kita sume tau yang forward & midfilders selalu nya ada finishing yang lebih baik dari defender.

Tapi overall, peningkatan buat squad Malaysia. Cuma slack taktik sket je. Takpa-takpa tahun depan kita cuba lagi nah?

Pop Punkish


I used to really enjoy listening to this one local pop punk band called Bunkface. It has always fed my needs of pop punkish song. I remember when i bought their first EP at Supernova a few months back. It was awesome! Full of fun-loving and catchy lyrics.

But sadly now due to their meteoric fame, every time I enter my dorm I will hear Sam's voice in the speaker singing the verse "Give me a B, U, N, K FACE now!" At first I was like okla. " Aku suke band nie, so layan je la skali".

After a few weeks my point of layanness came to its par when a fella at my dorm kept playing the song over and over again! I was like " Tak boring ke asyik dgr lagu same je, nak dengar ulang-ulang pakai earphone la". This has made me very very 'muak' listening to Bunkface.

Tisk tisk...
Another fav band lost.

P/s: Sape-sape terase sorry la ek. Tapi masalah nye betul.

Diagnostics Exam (Full-Time)


Phew! After two weeks of cramming my brain with notes, facts, formula, and equation the diagnostics exam (or what you people would call it your final exam) is finally over!

Here is the the feedback of the papers that I have done:

Physics: Matila Aku!
Bahasa Malaysia: Boleh la.
Biology: Very Hard.
English: Boleh Tahan Senang.
Chemistry: Surprisingly Boleh Blah.
History: Challenging But Boleh Buat.
Maths: Okla.
Add Maths: My God!
Pendidikan Islam: Awesome!

There it is folks!
Hope the results will be good.
Till then, time for some serious huhahuhaing.

Diagnostic Exam (half-time)


The diognostic exam (or what you poeple would call your final exam) kicked off on tuesday morning and would be expected to finish on friday next week.

Here are how it is so far:

Half-time results:

Physics: Matila aku!
Bahasa Malaysia: Boleh la.
Biology: Very hard.
English: Senang gak la.

Well, another week to go folks.
Wish me luck.

Ohh exam...


Exam sudah dekat!
Koleq mag tak siap lagi!
Fizik tak habis bace lagi!
Sejarah ade bab yang tak bace lagi!
Macam mane nak buat log?!
Golgi apparatus tu bende ape?!

P/s: please ignore me for a while, I have tonnes of things to do right now.

Coming soon!


Nak tengok nanti!



It all started on a fine friday morning (I think la) when Fendi came ape to me and said:

F: Malam ni ade meeting tau, aku nk past the baton dkt korang.
A: Ok. Tapi kenape?
F: Kitorang nak exam dah ni, lagipon korang memang suke what kerja kan.

So that night me, Feqs & Aiman when to the editroom for the meeting. Then came Uncle & Pia. They were the new recruit that gona help in the making of the mag. So the meeting took place.
The aftermath of the meeting was that we the form4 will now be fully in charge of the magazine and I would be in charge of them. So after getting instruction from the form5 we began making 'their magazine'.

The first problem that occurred was that both Uncle & Pia cannot understand what Heri had told them to do (Heri bermumble-mumble semase memberi tunjuk ajar).  After that was settle we were completely shocked by the state of the draft. There were just a few pictures & the layout.
We where like what the hell?!! So we continue on doing their job for them. We met some more problems around the road such as Teachers that doesn't want to take pictures, clubs that doesn't send their report and stuff like that.

Overall, I think this experience thought me something: START EARLY NEXT YEAR!



Kitorang sket brani la wat palat,
Bile korang sket mula la terketar lutut,
Buat-buat friendly.

Kitorang sket berani la cari gaduh,
Bile korg sket datang dekat pon tak,
Buat-buat tak kesah.

Ingat korang bukan ramai sampai bile-bile.
Sedar diri tu sket.



Aku amek ni dari website yg abg aku suruh bace:

Friday night on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. This is the venue Radiohead played a career-defining show 11 years ago. In the past, it has hosted masterful live performances from The White Stripes, Muse and The Who. Tonight's headliners are the terrific Kings of Leon. Before they can take the stage, however, there's one more support act to soak up. In the half-dark just after sunset, a tousle-haired man in a promising Pink Floyd T-shirt steps up to the mic, carrying his comforting, classic Gibson Les Paul guitar. But then he opens his mouth. His name is Jon Lawler, and his band are known as The Fratellis.

Festival season is in full swing now. Across the land, stages are being raised in city parks, in country farms and on ancient estates for what promises to be Britain's biggest ever summer of music. But if they want to book enough acts to justify the inflated ticket prices in these harsh economic times, once-eager festival organisers have a struggle on their hands. How will they fill that gaping hole on Sunday afternoon? Who's going to warm up the crowd for The Ting Tings? Luckily the current UK music scene has just the thing. Someone has even compounded a helpful term to use when you call the record companies in a line-up emergency; this uninspiring, guitar-gelled Polyfilla – of which The Fratellis are a fine example – is now known by some as "landfill indie".

As in every musical era, one style dominates the hearts and minds of our nation's youth; it dictates their fashion sense, their relationship with their parents and, quite possibly, their personal-hygiene regimen. These days, it's indie that's the cholesterol in the veins of popular culture, and we need to start thinking about a crash diet.

You know who they are, these smooth-chinned strummers, with their smart-arsed, self-admiring band names almost invariably prefaced by the definite article: The Kooks, The Courteeners, The Holloways, The Rascals, The View, The Wombats, The Automatic, The Pigeon Detectives, The Hoosiers. Their turgid, tuneless banalities use all the oxygen between ad breaks on XFM; they mop up the soggy midday slot on the main stage. Indie is the 30-year-old genre that gave us The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Blur and Arctic Monkeys. But in that period it has also produced Ocean Colour Scene, Menswear and Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong.

John Niven was an indie fan in the 1980s, an A&R man in the Britpopping 1990s, and is now the author of Kill Your Friends, a sadistic satire of the record industry of which he was once an enthusiastic member. "I was in Gap a few weeks ago and there was some sort of generic indie music playing," he says. "I was with a friend who's a promoter and a bit younger than me. After about three or four tracks I asked him: 'Whose LP is this?' And he said, 'No, it's a compilation.' Every track sounded identical. The guitars, the production; all these bands sound like they're made in the same studio with the same producer. It's such a ball-less, soulless, generic whitewashed indie sound. You could probably take a member from each band and throw them together in a new group and no one would be able to tell the difference. They're completely interchangeable. Scouting for Girls are like the sound of Satan's scrotum emptying. They're abysmal."

Once, indie was a world away from the mainstream. "Originally we talked of 'independent' music, meaning music on independent labels, and at that time there was still a shared (if loose) framework of ideology and sonics that traced back to punk," explains Simon Reynolds, pop historian and author of Rip it Up and Start Again: Post-Punk 1978-1984. "It was an oppositional term: independent music opposed itself to the mainstream rock and pop released on major labels. The idea was that on independent labels you would find more experimental or adventurous music, people exploring esoteric and non-commercial directions, making sounds too abrasive or weird to be on daytime radio. The lyrical content would be radical or challenging, either exploring the dark side of human condition, or being political in various ways, or just very sophisticated, ironic, and so on.

"By about 1984/1985, though, 'indie' meant a style of song-oriented, guitar-based music whose opposition to the mainstream took the form of no longer being contemporary – spurning synthesisers and drum machines and sequencers, avoiding the R&B and dance music influences that dominated the pop charts, and instead looking back to rock's archives, principally the 1960s. 'Indie' meant jangly guitar groups. By 1986 'indie' pretty much equated with a refusal of the pop present. Because it now meant a style of music, not a means of production and distribution, it could be uncoupled from the independent label system, and that is what gradually happened."

Between NME's seminal C86 compilation tape (which crystallised the 1980s indie sound) and the Britpop revolution a decade later, the genre still had a separate chart ' and "indie" really meant independent. It just so happened that most of the bands on indie labels played jangly guitars: baggy bands such as The Charlatans and Inspiral Carpets, T-shirt bands including Ned's Atomic Dustbin, shoe-gazers such as Ride. Whenever one of them managed to break into the mainstream weekly pop chart, it was a major event.

Britpop changed everything. Overnight, bands from the fringes of pop culture became the country's biggest acts, their independent sound suddenly the industry standard. Blur and Pulp demonstrated intellect and cultural awareness, Suede were pale, interesting and androgynous, Oasis brought the attitude. But already the indie waters were muddied. Oasis was on the Creation label, whose founder Alan McGee had sold 49 per cent of the company to Sony for £2.5m in 1992. Suede's label, Nude, was also part of Sony. Blur was signed to Food, which by 1994 was a subsidiary of EMI. Meanwhile, the majors realised the commercial clout of appearing to be indie and started up their own boutique labels in the apparent hope of fooling fans: BMG, for instance, spawned Indolent and Dedicated, and Virgin gave birth to Hut.

"[Britpop] was great fun," wrote the journalist Andrew Collins in a 2006 piece for Word. "But it wasn't indie, and it pushed a whole slew of workmanlike guitar bands centre-stage, where they were even expected to represent their rebranded country, giving the quite false impression that Cool Britannia was an Indie Nation. The essence of New Labour, indie was capitalism dressed up as revolutionary socialism."

These days the term 'indie' is little more than a generic sonic description for any band that plays guitars and probably wears skinny ties, skinny jeans, and skinny cardigans. Collins, a former NME writer and ex-editor of Q, says now: "'Indie' has become a meaningless term. It just covers guitar bands. But it was never meant to be about a type of music, it wasa spirit and an attitude. When I glance around the bands that are supposedly 'indie' today, I don't see any attitude. I don't see any content in their records, any political interest in the band members. They're a terrible generation, unfortunately, but they're becoming famous overnight and selling a lot of records. I've heard them called 'mortgage indie'. It's a career path – a way of making a lot of money very quickly. The Kooks did so well so quickly. Scouting For Girls, from a standing start, have become a really big band. The Fratellis have become massive in a remarkably short time."

There are still indie die-hards out there, the pre-eminent example being Arctic Monkeys, who rebuffed all major label interest in favour of signing to the small, principled Domino Records, then ended up shifting 363,735 copies of their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, in a week. Seattle's Sub Pop label just celebrated its 20th birthday by bringing the wonderful Fleet Foxes to these shores, while XL Recordings maintains an enviable and varied roster that now includes Vampire Weekend, MIA and Devendra Banhart. Tellingly, XL was also chosen by Radiohead to distribute the physical version of their last album, In Rainbows.

But the success of Arctic Monkeys, and the brief blaze of The Libertines, has brought its own Britpop effect. Before the Arctics' ascendance, guitars and pianos plodded along at a stately pace, Keane and Snow Patrol playing out a parodic imitation of The Verve. Since Whatever People Say I Am..., rubbish radio filler has become faster and more frantic, but also, arguably, worse. At least Keane have an ear for a tune.

At the same time, the Arctics' supposed recipe for success – the much-hyped MySpace profile that let them build a fanbase without a budget – has been co-opted by the rest of the industry. Like the establishment of those boutique brands, it's now just another major label marketing ploy.

Pity any guitar-playing teen from north of Watford. The well-deserved success of the Arctics means record companies are on the hunt for more teenage wunderkinds like their frontman Alex Turner; thus we have a glut of youngsters, such as One Night Only and The Enemy, with underdeveloped ideas that have never been given a chance to mature. By the time they're grown up enough to learn more than one trick (or three chords), the NME will already have started the backlash, and another young group of guitar plodders will have taken their place. Indie is merely apeing pop's abiding obsession with youth. Here's another term for the indie glossary: a "firework band". It means a widely touted young act whose label has a debut LP to sell. They begin their professional lives by exploding into the top of the charts, shine brightly, then drop out of sight. The turnover of new acts is terrifying. Parklife, lest we forget, was Blur's third album.

"Everything has accelerated," says Collins. "I can't believe Scouting For Girls. I remember hearing that song 'She's So Lovely' and thinking, 'What's this shit?' And the next thing you know, it's a hit, and they're a hit, and the next two singles are hits. New bands go massive on their first album, but there's almost no chance they can follow it up on their second. Record companies are there for the shareholders. If they can make some money quickly off the next big indie band, they will, but it doesn't mean the band will make any. The band will be left scratching their heads and wondering what happened. Whereas Arctic Monkeys will continue to be supported by Domino, and luckily they're massively talented – enough to continue making good records. A lot of other bands, I'm afraid, are not in it for the long haul. 'mortgage indie' is a nice idea, but I'm not sure it will end up actually paying their mortgages."

For many acolytes of the original indie scene, the saddest by-product of its decline is the state of the NME, formerly their paper of record. The organ's journalists were once so passionate about the integrity of the genre that they threatened a schism over the inclusion of too much hip-hop on their pages; now it, too, has become a corporate entity.

"I recently saw an interview with Conor McNicholas where he was talking about 'growing the brand'," Niven recalls. "The editor of the NME using the expression 'growing the brand'! It's hardly Nick Kent sneaking out of the office to run down Carnaby Street and score smack, is it?"

Nowadays, to be an "NME band" is all too often to be a "firework band". The annual NME Awards at which they're celebrated are sponsored by Shockwaves from Wella, the very hair gel with which indie kids style their Kook-ish coiffures from Glasgow to Guildford. With such bland uniformity so speedily infecting our nation's youth, is there any hope left for a flourishing, and truly 'indie', scene?

"I'm sure there's a real indie scene out there somewhere," says Niven, "with some great bands and kids running really happening club nights. I went to a venue in Glasgow last year called the National Pop League, and it was a room full of 18-year-old kids all dancing to The Weather Prophets, The Loft, Primal Scream, The Jasmine Minks – indie records from the 1980s. It was like when we were going to Splash One in Glasgow in the 1980s and dancing to Velvet Underground, Big Star and things that were from a generation before us. Maybe the market will right itself, but right now we're living through a generation of bands brought up on the tail end of Britpop. If it's a time when you're feeding off Sleeper, Gene and Shed Seven for inspiration, it's not going to yield nourishing results."

Forget the filler, it's this year's Glastonbury headliners that should point the way for the next generation. There was Jay-Z, of course, the world's greatest rapper. There was the Kings of Leon, who manage to make interesting noises with electric guitars (despite their preference for skinny jeans). And there was The Verve, who, almost 20 years after their formation, remind us what indie really meant to people in the days when there was no danger of troubling the pop charts, nor of paying the mortgage with music; when the words were about something, anything – politics, perhaps, or at least an original thought about love; when waifish white boys had more to say than simply, "Look Mum, I'm in a band!"; before Britpop and MySpace and landfill indie.

"Once these bands stop having hits every day it will dry up," argues Collins. "The kids will get bored. You can't grow up on a diet of The Pigeon Detectives and think you could topple the Government one day. If we end up with 20 years of Tory government, it'll be The Pigeon Detectives' fault."

How indie ate itself

1977: The Buzzcocks release their Spiral Scratch EP on their DIY label, New Hormones. Pop historians will refer to it as the first indie record

1986: NME and Rough Trade compile and release C86, the cassette (featuring, among others, Primal Scream, The Soup Dragons and Half Man Half Biscuit) that defines the indie genre

1987: The Smiths leave independent label Rough Trade after four albums and sign a more lucrative deal with EMI, then split acrimoniously before they record a note

1990: The Stone Roses, led by singer Ian Brown stage a Woodstock for the baggys generation – a huge gig at Spike Island in Widnes. Among the 27,000 fans is a young Noel Gallagher

1992: Alan McGee sells half of Creation Records to Sony for £2.5m. Later, Nude is sold to Sony, Factory to London Records, Go!Discs to Phonogram and Food to EMI

1993: Indie fans Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley take over Radio One's high-profile Evening Session slot and make it their own. Blur release their second album, Modern Life is Rubbish. According to John Harris, the author of The Last Party: Britpop, Blair and the Demise of British Rock, this is the first true Britpop album. Alan McGee goes to Glasgow venue King Tut's Wah Wah Hut to see his label's act 18 Wheeler play, and discovers a little band called Oasis

1995: Blur and Oasis release singles in the same week ("Country House" and "Roll With It") in what NME bills as a "British heavyweight championship". Blur win the immediate battle to reach number one, but Oasis win the war: their album, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, sells 18m copies worldwide

1997: Oasis's third album, Be Here Now, is bloated and ugly. Blur by Blur sounds American. Britpop dies a belated death

2001: New York hipsters The Strokes release Is This It. Everyone forgets about Britain

2002: The Libertines release their debut, Up The Bracket. Shambling guitars become chic again

2004: Snow Patrol's Final Straw and Keane's Hopes and Fears top the album charts. Indie reaches a low point

2006: Arctic Monkeys' Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not becomes the fastest-selling debut album in chart history. The major labels snap up every 17-year-old guikookstar player in the land

2008: Scouting For Girls' debut album reaches Number One. Indie eats itself

Gig-it Clothing!


Me and a couple of friends have open a new clothing label! Our tees are Rm25 each! Please visit our profile at www.myspace.com/bajukudigigit. Don't be shy and give as any comments or reviews on our designs!

Lomoku dalam kenangan


Ini lomo saya..... Name die supersampler dalek edition. Aku beli die dkt Basheer Bookstore di Bukit Bintang. Waranty die only valid in Japan(ye aku tau agak bodoh). Aku smpat menangkap sebanyak 12 keping gambar sebelum die meninggal dunia. Chord die rosak. So, disebab waranty only valid in japan aku xleh mintak ganti rugi. So, sape-sape yg nk beli lomo Be Aware! Diorg xde waranty.