Cockney accent

Some people tend to think that they are much superior from others just because they spend a couple of years overseas. They would constantly say thinks like "Oh When I was in the UK we did thinks better!" or "If I were in UK they would handle things like this..." even this " Malaysia sucks compare to UK!". Oh oh they would also speak in English with an accent as in to show off to other people that the had been living overseas for a year or two. Heck they even spell bother  like this: bovver. I mean come on!

Sure Malaysia may lack a few things compared to the UK but hey! it is still your country! We should be proud of it as it is. At least we are warm and sunny unlike England which is dark, cold and gloomy. Oh yeah about those accent, it don't know what are your reasons of talking like that(but I do have a few ideas why) but please la try la went in Malaysia speak normally it would be easier for people to understand you. Oh yeah stop hanging out with your "Malaysian who went to overseas for a couple of years" Group all the time. Go on an mingle with other people because there are a lot of things you might learn. Stop acting like some Brit and start acting like a Malaysian!

P/s: not all of them are act like these only a minority of them some are really awesome and nice as a matter of fact.


Anonymous said...

Biasanya yang kepoh ni anak-anak yang dapat join mak bapak pursue studies.

Yang intellectuals on scholarship basis tak poyo, bahkan lagi rendah diri. Kot

amerhadiazmi said...

Some people can't help it. I have a Malay friend who grew up abroad, the father being a diplomat and all. He speaks articulate English with a very authentic accent. If I close my eyes I might as well imagine that I'm talking to a white, archetypal British person.

Another friend of mine grew up here in Malaysia, but came from an English speaking home and spent his childhood in International School. His speaks English to me most of the times and I'm glad for that. His Malay is utter nonsense.

"Cukup pekat tak report aku?"

Pekat. Thick. Tebal.

On the other hand, I've met another Malay who is both so-so in Malay and so-so in English but excelled in Persian. Again, due to the fact that the father being a diplomat based in Iran.

Then, I've also had the opportunity to meet Africans who speaks perfect Malay not to mention one who speaks and understand Kelantanese better than we do.

Yet I've haven't had the chance to know anyone who speaks the way they speak for pure pride. The first two people I've mentioned are trying hard to better their Malay to better fit in with the surrounding and to understand and be understood better.

The Africans on the other hand are having a clear advantage since they understood the local language, for better or for the worse of it.

I don't know about the person you are refering this post to but most of the people I know, they can't help it. They wish they could, but they can't. It's sorta difficult for them as I see it. Having to go through life with people being prejudice against them.

Of course, some are just plain jerks.

PS: Fizi, Some of the intelects are too. But hey, at least they worked their ass for it. Heh. Still.

Amer 'Arif said...

The person that I am refering here were not born or grow up overseas. The person that I was refering to just spend about two years in UK and now when they came back to malaysia they act as if they had spend their whole life there. Come on baru dua tahun takkan dah lupa cakap english normally kot?

Asma Hamid said...

WOW. indeed very not-offensive. Correction, I was in Manchester for 5 years. And for your information, I did grow up overseas. Just because I don't mix with you that doesn't mean I don't mix with other malaysians. Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. Oh and as far as I know, ALL of my friends can understand everything I say. People who can't understand are the people that either doesn't know english or people who doesn't want to even try to understand. Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. Oh and when I went to Manchester, I was only in Year 1 which means I didn't know how to speak english then which means I learnt english there which means you better stop accusing people. Oh and yeah, probably I did say something like I hate Malaysia but that was ages ago before all the malays stopped calling me a show off, before all the malays accepted me and before all the malays treated me like a malay. And if I said that UK is better, I'm just telling the truth, who wouldn't agree? UK is a developed country and Malaysia is a developing country.
Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. And yeah, probably I did spell it like that on purpose to show you that you're not everything as how you act like you you are but I didn't do it to show off, bare that in mind.

Amer 'Arif said...

bravo bravo miss Asma now I belive that you are brave.

Asma Hamid said...

thank you?

lukman said...

well, emm. i think that people yg g UK mst la rse cm die ade something yg lebih berbanding others. not all people are lucky enough to go there. mse aku bru balik pun aku admit aku agak poyo ckit la. ok la, poyo byk. byk gila babeng. 2 pun sbb aku dpt g sne and kwn2 laen xdpt. it doesn't take long for me to change because... i dont really know why but i've changed. i think. only my friends can judge me since they are the one who knows me from their point of view. amer, personally la, aku x rse asma salah la. aku pun x kata ko salah. cme, jgn la besar-besarkan perkara kecil. N asma, i know how u feel because i felt it too once. with some people, we should just lay low. xyah gne english sgt. malay pun best jgk. not insulting or anything la cme some people cm hafidzi ngn amer nie, we will be in this sort of argument. no offense to u guys(fizi and amer), tp bila aku kluar ngn korang, mmg aku yg kne. hehehe. tp aku da biase. so, ape kate we just baik-baik balik. eventhough u 2 are not friends but there's no need for this argument. Fizi asked me to put forward my view in this situation. if there is anything i said that might make things worse, i'm truly sorry. coz nnt aku plak yg masuk dlm gdo2 nie plak.

Amer 'Arif said...

its alrite.
I appreciated for giving you views.
My intention was not to cari gaduh with her but just to express what i felt. I don't mind if you guys wanted to talk to me in english I really don't. As a matter of fact i would love it! But just not with the accent and all. It just doesn't feels rite to me that all. Sorry if I cause any hard feelings.